* Town centers will be dramatically altered. The town center has undergone changes in cost, build time, combat ability, and civ bonuses for the Brits and Teutons. It no longer benefits from the range upgrades, although they still give it more damage. The archer upgrades do improve LOS but not range. It takes as long to build as a castle. It now costs 100 stone and 275 wood. They still retain defensive ability particularly in the early ages, but do not have the same offensive ability due to increased cost, reduced range, more counters.

* The cav archer will be built faster. There are also new upgrades for cav archers, including one to give better armor(Parthian Tactics), one to give more hit points(Bloodlines) and one to improve accuracy(Thumb Ring).

* Spearman line does LESS damage to Camels and Cataphracts.

* Camels are now faster and do more damage to cavalry.

*Camel bonus against Cataphracts is about half of that against other cavalry.

* Monk healing "works better", due to fixing of a bug that required a 'direct path' between monk and damaged unit.

* When dealing with monks, there will be a reduced "wait time" before conversion takes place.

* Naval units now have formations.

* Demoships will be set at the "defensive" attack stance by default.

* Hand cannoneers are improved. They do more damage now, with an attack of 17 and with a +10 vs infantry. They are available as soon as you research chemistry, no longer needing to research an upgrade to get them.

* Bombard cannons are being improved. They will have more hit points and have bonus vs enemy siege. They fire faster. Archers do less damage to BCs. They also will be available as soon as you get chemistry; you no longer have to research the "bombard cannon" upgrade.

* Rams will be able to garrison foot soldiers. Garrisoned rams will move faster and do more damage. Battering and Capped Rams hold 4 units, Siege Rams hold 6 units. Garrisoned infantry add attack strength and 0.1 tile/sec per unit movement rate. Foot archers can be garrisoned but add nothing. Villagers, petards, monks cannot be garrisoned. Garrisoned rams are flagged.
Garrisoned infantry add +10 attack per unit.

* "Smart onagers" won't auto-target an enemy if a friendly would also get hit. This can be overcome by manually selecting targets, if desired. Mangonels are greatly improved in the expansion as they now move faster, hurl their missiles at a faster rate (thereby making it harder for enemies to get out of the way), and do bonus damage to other siege weapons.

* Improved scorpion AI; they are no longer helped by the Archer attack upgrades, but their bolts always penetrate past the initial strike point to the extent of their range(so you don't have to micromanage their shots to hit the back rank).

* Both Scorpion and Heavy Scorpion now have a range of 7.

* Siege Engineers now also gives +40% Petard attack.

* Villagers have +8 bonus damage against towers.

* Units used for Feudal rushing such as archers, galleys and towers now take longer to build in Feudal Age, and revert to normal building speed in Castle.

* Outposts will have a greater line of sight and now only cost 25 wood and 10 stone.

* Armor changed for Swordsman line:
Militia, M@A, LS, 2HS all have base 0/1
Champs have base 1/1
See Berserker, Samurai, Woad Raider changes at their civ sections.

* Pikes now take more damage from archers.