* King of the Hill. Players have to fight for control of a random wonder located in the center of the map. You can't destroy the Wonder, you must take it by force from your enemies. See ES website for great description.

* Wonder Race - No combat; the first player to build a Wonder wins. All players are allied and cannot change alliance or form teams. However, you can play a coopera-tive multiplayer game, where two players control the same civilization. There are no walls, Siege Workshops, or Trebuchets.

* Defend the Wonder - Player #1 starts with a Wonder surrounded by walls and must defend it from enemy players or teams to win. All players begin in the Post-Imperial Age with a walled city & 10 villagers. The player with the wonder gets 900 of each resource, his allies(if any) get 600 of each, and opponents get 900W, 1200F, 1200G and 600S. This is a timed game and generally is about 1/2 hr in length depending on the number of players. See ES website for grat description.

* New victory condition called "Last man standing". Teams can NOT be locked, and allied victory is disabled. You will be able to win through conquest, building a wonder, or by getting relics. It will be very "shimo-friendly".