* New map type called "Oasis", which is kind of like a Mediterranean or Baltic, except with trees in the middle instead of water. There are mostly only straggler trees in the rest of the map.

* New map type called "Nomad". You start with no town center and your villagers scattered around the map. You must decide whether to spend the time to collect your villagers at a good resource location, join your allies, or just build where you begin. There are no wolves or jaguars present on this map. Each player starts with 475 W, 200 F, 100 G, and 300 S (except for Chinese, Huns and Mayans, who presumably start with the same resource deductions as in the other game types).

* New map type called "Ghost Lake". The middle is filled with a giant ice lake. Buildings can only be build on the dry ground on the outskirts of the map. Similar to Mediterranean with ice on the water.

* New map type called Mongolia. It is an all-land map with tons of cliffs & elevations. It is a lot like Arabia, except you can wall off.

* New map type called "Yucatan". It has tons of food, like berries, turkeys, etc. It has incomplete waterways which may allow some walling off.

* New map type called "Scandinavian". It has NO berries, so you have to rely on sheep, ice fishing or hunting. It also has lots of frozen lakes, making it hard to wall off. It has increased gold and stone.

* New map type called "Salt Marsh". It has lots of shallows and irregular, connected small land masses.

* New map type called "Arena". Think of Arena as a cross between Black Forest and Fortress. The key difference is that in Arena, there is nowhere to run. Arena maps resemble flowers, with each player starting in a petal that is walled off from the center. Most of the heavy fighting occurs in the middle, where players must move to gather all of the extra resources there.

* "Random Map" is now an option that excludes only a few extreme maps(Arena, Fortress, Crater Lake, and Gold Rush), and "Random Land Map" excludes watery, island-type maps(picks from Arabia, Ghost Lake, Highland, Mongolia, Oasis or Yucatan).

* There will be ten real world maps including: Japan, Iberia, France, the British Isles, Byzantium, Italy, Norse Lands, Central America, Texas and the Middle East. You can also select an option that will give you one of the real world maps randomly. Although the shape of these maps is constant, the resource placement varies.

* New "Custom Random Maps" can be scripted to make up your own new type of Random Map to be played either single- or multi-player.