Created At: Barracks
Strong vs: Cavalry
Weak vs: Archers, swordsmen, scorpions and mangonels
Upgrades: Blacksmith upgrades, Tracking, Squires
Hit points: 60
Armor: 0/0(loss of armor to pike line,archers do extra damage to them)
Upgrade Cost: 300 F, 600 G
Cost: 35F, 25W
Attack: 6+4, +32 vs. cavalry (that's 10 more than a Pikeman!)
Movement: Medium

Aztecs, Franks, Mongols, Saracens, Turks and Vikings don't get them.


* Imperial age upgrade to light cav.
* They have more hit points and do more damage then light cav. but will still have the same speed.
Upgrade Cost: 500 food, 600 gold
HP: 75
Attack: 7, but attack rate is increased
Armor: 0/2 (same as LC)

10 civilizations get them: Byzantines, Celts, Goths, Huns, Koreans, Mongols, Persians, Saracens, Spanish, Turks.

* Stats:
* Cost: 80f, 20g
* Points: 50
* Attack: 25 (Bonus against buildings)
* Armor: (0/2)
* Range: 0
* Speed: M
* They will function like demo ships for land.
* All civs will have access to them.
* Will be made at the Castle.
* Petards are not very good vs units, except for siege, but are excellent vs. walls and some buildings. They are not an effective substitute for all other siege weapons, but in certain situations they are very handy.
* They are "very effective" vs. town centers.
* They are "reasonably fast" and have some piercing armor.
* When they die they blow up, damaging all near by units.
Attack increased 40% by Chemistry upgrade, also by Siege Engineer upgrade.
*There is no upgrade to Petard armor.
*Petards have a huge bonus against walls and buildings. It takes 2 petards to get through a wall tile or gate. It takes 5 to destroy a Town Center, and 8 to destroy a Castle. They also have a bonus against siege weapons except for the War Wagon.

Eagle Warrior

Stats for EW:
Cost: Food 20 Gold 50
Upgrade Cost: 800 F, 500 G
HP: 50 (Elite Eagle Warror 60 HP)
Attack: 4 in Dark, 7 in Castle (Elite EW 9)
Armor: 0/2 (Elite EW 0/4)
* Only Aztecs and Mayans can get them.
* They are created at the Barracks.
* They have better line of sight then a scout in dark age, equal in feudal, and inferior in imperial.
* The Champion line has a small bonus vs them. Man at arms does +1 damage, a champion does +2.
* They are almost as fast as a scout, but have more hit points and damage.
* They can only be built in castle and imperial age.
* They have an attack of 4 in Dark Age. In Castle Age it is increased to 7.
* You can upgrade them to "Elite" status in imperial age.
* They have a small bonus vs siege.
* They have NO bonus vs cavalry.
* They have a bonus against monks, and are more resistant to conversion. This is similar to the Light Cavalry line.
* They have only a +1 bonus vs. buildings, less than other infantry.

Meso-American Priest(Monk)

This is new artwork only, the unit is otherwise the same.