Richmond Hill Residents Pet Care Association
Welcome to the Richmond Hill Pet Care Association.

Our presentation at the October 14, 2003 Committee of the Whole Meeting was to address the concerns of the residents with regards to the conditions and level of care at the privately owned animal shelter contracted by the Town of Richmond Hill.

It should be noted that this shelter is also contracted by the municipalities of Markham, Aurora, King, Vaughan and Bradford.

The OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was present and voiced their support of the residents concerns.

The following is an extract from the minutes from the Town of Richmond Hill regarding the committee of the Whole Meeting on October 14, 2003:

Michael Draper, Chief Inspector for the OSPCA requested that the Committee consider other animal shelter options which would provide 7 day a week operation as well as a higher level of service with regard to the hygiene of the facility, noting that in his opinion, the current facility being used by the Town was not up to community standards.

The purpose was to lead to discussions in regards to establishing a purposely built, fully functional animal shelter that is regulated and sponsored by our community.

Your support would be greatly appreciated. Please contact us so we can up-date you on a regular basis and to progress achieved.


At this time, we would like to request that the residents of Richmond Hill support an interim as well as a long term solution. A support form has been prepared to address this issue.

Please print the following form and fill in your information. Kindly mail it to:

Richmond Hill-RPCA
STN B  P.O. 2332
Richmond Hill,ON
L4E 1A5

Attention: The Town of Richmond Hill and Members of Council

Re: The Animal Control Centre

As a resident of the Town of Richmond Hill, I am extremely concerned with the inadequate conditions at the Animal Control Centre contracted by the Town of Richmond Hill. The facility is sub-standard, out-dated, and reflects poorly on our city`s reputation with respect to animal welfare. The OSPCA (Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) stated that this facility does not meet community standards as recorded in the Town`s minutes from their presentation before Town council on October 14, 2003. Also the following is an extract from an article published in the Liberal Newspaper on October 26, 2003 titled
"Critics Voice Shelter Concerns": Michael Draper, chief inspector with the OSPCA,
supported the residents. He said the shelter falls below current standards and recommended a new facility be found.

As a resident of the Town of Richmond Hill, I do not support my tax money being wasted on a inadequate service. I do not support a for profit private animal shelter. The major concern is the accountability of the shelter to the community. A publicly owned shelter is controlled, regulated, and its standards set by the community. I support the establishment of a public animal shelter that is owned and operated by the municipality.

In the interim, I support that all possible measures be taken to shelter the animals in an alternative shelter, regardless of location, until such time that a fully functional, purposely built public animal shelter is established as the current facility contracted by the Town of Richmond Hill is not suitable to be an animal shelter.