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Personal Data
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Name: Edward Djourian

Address: 8103 Cool Street
               Montreal, Quebec, Canada
               H1E 3Z4 (514) 555-3242

Age: 16
Height: 510"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Eye Colour: Brown
Vision: 19/20
Computer Skills: -Can use Microsoft Word
                          - Can serf the internet and find topics quiickly
                          - Can detect and fix problems quickly

Hobbies: Playing video games, using computers, surfing the net, reading, listening to
               Heavy Metal

Expecting Salary: Minimum Wage
Status: Currently unemployed
Availibility to start employment: Week ends

Curriculum Vitae
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Most Recent School: Rosemount High School

Full address of school: 3737 Beaubien E., Montreal, Quebec
                                   Canada, H1X-1H2

Years attended: 2000 2004
Certificates attained: None
Person for Reference: Mr. L. Steinberger

Next most recent school: Vanier College

Full address of school: 821 Ste. Croix, St. Laurent,
                                   Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4L-3X9

Years Attended: None
Certificates attained: None
Person for reference: Dean Prichard

Employment Resume
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Most Recent Job: McDonalds Hamburger Chef

Full address & Phone #: 155 Gerald Ferraud
                                    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
                                    (514) 555-3324

When: 2003-2004
Contact Person: Pierre Renauld

Job: Painter Probono

Full Address & Phone #: 12303 Fernard Gauthier
                                       Montreal, Quebec, Canada
                                       (514) 555-2436

When: 2002-2003
Contact Person: Greg Stefano

Oldest Job: EB Games

Full address & Phone #: 2440 Les Galeries D Anjou
                                      Montreal, Quebec, Canada
                                  (514) 555-3333

When: 2001-2002
Contact Person: Marc Dupon

Job Description
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Job description by job:

McDonalds: Fry cook for hamburgers. Responsible to make hamburgers quickly for

Painter: Paint houses when called to do so. Paid per hour. Must fulfill desired request.

EB Games: Cashier. Help customers find desired product.

Team Sports: Soccer for RDP 1993
                     Baseball for RDP 1989

Team Awards: Soccer 3 trophies for 3 seasons
                       Baseball 2 medals, 1 trophy

3 References:

Jonathan Di Nardo(Owner): (514) 555-2388
Micheal Cardillo(Co-Worker): (514) 555-3381
David Battista(Boss): (514) 555-2466