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The picture below is my passion


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Here Are My Assignments
For My Computer Class

Name: Malika Sebti

Address: 2325 Mousseau

Montreal, Quebec

H1L 4V4

Phone Number: (514) 354-1898

Age: 16

Height: 5’6"

Weight: 130

Eye color: Brown

Visual Accuracy: 20/20

Languages: French, English

Computer Skills: Word Processing, Spreadsheets

Hobbies: Reading, Playing Guitar

Expecting Salary: $7.30

Status: Single

Availability to start employment: October 1st, 2003

Curriculum Vitae
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Most Resent School: Rosemount High School

Address: 3737 Beaubien St. Est

Montreal, Quebec

H1X 1H2

Phone Number: (514) 376-4720

Years attended: 1999-2003

Certificates Attained: "Best improvement in music Concentration"

Person for Reference: Dan Sipos


Next Most Recent School: Nesbitt Elementary

Address: 6108 8th Avenue

Montreal, Quebec

H1Y 2M2

Phone Number: (514) 327-2222

Years attended: 1991-1999

Certificates Attained: None

Person for Reference: George Stafford

Employement Resume
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Most Recent Job: McDonald’s Restaurant

Address: 555 Henri Bourassa

Montreal, Quebec

H2L 2T4

Phone Number: (514) 321-0467

From 2002- present

Contact: Jason Auger

Next Most Recent Job: Babysitting

Address: 2329 Mousseau

Montreal, Quebec

H1L 4V4

From 1999-2000

Phone Number: (514) 322-1225

Contact: Stephane Gratton

Job Description
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McDonald’s Restaurant

Duties and Responsibilities: - Completing Orders
                                          - Serving Customers Well
                                          - Cleaning the equipment

Duties and Responsibilities: - Entertaining the child
                                          - Cook for the child
                                          - Follow responsibilities

  Reference: -Gibert Masson: 726-1015: Teacher at Rosemount High

                - Jean Pepin: 484-9343: Manager at McDonalld’s

                - Rogerb Dubois: 521- 3585: Co-Worker at MMcDonald’s

Team Sports: None

Team Awards: None