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My question: Why a student should listen when a teacher teaches the class?


According to Career Cruising I am suited to become a

Dental Lab Tech

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Personal Data

Page 1

Name: Bharat Patel

Full Address: 6972 Beaubien

H9J 3S3


Montreal, Quebec


Age: 15

Height: 55

Weight: 145 Lb.

Eye Colour: Black

Visual Accuracy: 15/20

Languages: Indian Good

English Good

French Poor-Average

Computer Skills: Windows 98, Microsoft, Internet, Logo-Work

Hobbies: playing sports, watching sports

Expecting Salary: $250/week

Status: single

Availability to start employment: extremely ready

Curriculum Vitae

Page 2

Most Recent School: Rosemount High School

Full Address: 3737 rue Beaubien

Montreal, Quebec



(514) 222-9969

Years Attended: 4 Years (1999-2000) (2003-2004)

Certificates Attained: Honor Student Certificate

Person For Reference: John J. Jack (544)-222-2222

Next Most Recent School: Nesbitt Elementary

Person For Reference: Jack R. Rooseklock (544) 969-6969

Employment Resume

Page 3

Most Recent Job: manufacturing goods

Full Address: J4K-9L5

(544) 371-6917

4th Avenue

Montreal, Quebec


Contact Person: Mr. J. Crawford

Full Address: 2nd Avenue


(514) 222-2722

Montreal, Quebec


Year Attended: 5 Years (1994-1995) (1999-2000)

Certificate Attained: N
Job: manufacturing goods

Full Adresse: J4K-6Q4


6th Avenue

Montreal, Quebec


Contact Person: Mr. T. Jack

Oldest Job: lifting/moving boxes

Full Address: J3S-7B6


1st Avenue

Montreal, Quebec


Contact Person: Mr. R. Muller

Job Description

Page 4

Job Description: manufacturing goods

Manufacturing goods

Lifting/moving boxes

Duties, responsibilities: moving boxes

Checking if supplies are good

Checking if supplies are good

Team Sports: N/A

Team Awards: N/A

3 References: 3 supervisors

Joe Simon (544) 771-1183

Joe Mols (696) 993 9641

Rich Jones (544) 642-9692