Address: 609, Paradise Ave
Personal Data

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What makes me happy:

This picture here that I drew, represents my passion in a nutshell.
My passion is to travel around the world and discover.

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A Stylist

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Address: 609, Paradise Ave.

Laval, Duvernay


Canada, H1I 2J3

Santina Caltagirone


                                                         - French fluently speaking and writing

                                                         - Italian fluently speaking only

                                      - Excel

                                     - Front Page

                                     - Research the Internet

                          - playing soccer and figure skating (sportss I'm involved in for a long time)

                         - listening to music; it's my passion

                         - shopping

                                                            - My availability hours are

                                                                                          Thursday - Friday: 5pm to 9pm

                                                                       Saturday - Sunday: 10am to 5 pm

Curriculum Vitae
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                                 3737 Beaubien Est

                                Montreal, Quebec

                                H1X 1H2

                               (514) 376-4720

                                                                       - Mr. Farrant

                                                                      - Mrs. Dafniotis


                                                 6108 8th avenue

                                                 Montreal, Quebec

                                                (514) 721-2850

Employment Resume

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                     2355C, route Transcanadienne

                         Pointe Claire, Quebec

                         H93 5Z5

                        Tel: (514) 482-1616

                        Fax: (514) 428-1606

__________________________________________________________________________________________                      7101 Les Galleries D'Anjou

                        Ville D'Anjou, Quebec

                        H1l 2J3

                        Tel: (514) 351-3274

__________________________________________________________________________________________                          5300 Robert

                        St. Leonard, Quebec

                        H1R 1Y1

                       Tel: (514) 593-7878

Job Description

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- Work Experience: Doumoulin Electronics à

1 year and a half at Pointe Claire in the West Island

-Sales Lady / Consultant

-Great on cash

-I did stock sometimes as well

-I am also presently still learning on electronics usage to serve the clients with more knowledge

from our merchandise.

McDonald's Restaurant à

2 years at Boulv. Les Galleries D'Anjou & St. Zotique

-Working as a Customer Service Representative (a cashier)

-Great training on cash

-Know what it is to be under pressure

-Major responsibility

Figure Skating à

It’s been over 6 years up until know at the St. Leonard Arena’s

-I coach young students

-Learned my responsibilities to find replacements

-Very patient with children (my students)

- Soccer: Every summer for 10 years I played this sport. I played for St. Leonard the ASSL

(Association Soccer St. Leonard). My position is usually defence and goally. Every end of the

                    season there are tournaments, we usually had a good time and managed our way to win by never

                    giving up. Playing this sport I definitely learned the meaning of true team spirit.

                    (Played since 1994-2002)

-Figure Skating: This very prestigious sport I attend. It’s a great experience. I am still presently figure

skating, and I skate at the St. Leonard arena’s. I have been to national competitions

with the synchronized skating team I joined, we won a couple of them with gold, silver

and bronze metals. Once again, team spirit plays a big role in synchronized skating.

                                               2) Kareen Masse – (514) 664-0000 – Skating Coach

                                               3) Jennifer Bellafante – (514) 376-0000 – Soccer Player