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Troupe 5709
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Welcome to the newest version of Troupe 5709's website!  The links on the left will take you to different parts of the site.  Home is this page.  A list of troupe officers and official members of the International Thespian Society can be found on the Thespians page.  The schedule and results of Thespian festivals are posted on the Festival page.  Information concerning our productions for the 2003-2004 school year are on the Shows page.  The Events section provides an agenda and calendar of important troupe events.  The Interact page contains a message board for fellow troupe members to converse.  Online theatre-related games can be played on the Fun page.  Finally, the Links section is a listing and description of popular and helpful theatre websites.

Thespian Spotlight
(October 26-November 1)

New this year: Thespian Spotlight.  Every week, a Thespian will be chosen at random to be featured.  If you are chosen, you will be asked ahead of time to provide information about your involvement with the troupe and any other theatrical experience you have.  Other Thespians are encouraged to help recognize the Spotlighted Thespian during their week of glory.  Of course, there are few limits on HOW they can be recognized; bestow gifts... or bestow tricks... ahem.  Have fun with this!


11-02-03.  The next drama meeting has been moved. See the Events page for more information.
10-26-03.  The first Thespian Spotlight page is complete. LaRissa, LaRissa, rah rah rah! Go read her crazy theatre bio. Now.
10-23-03.  Rehearsal schedules for both Godspell and The Love Doctor are now posted on the Shows page.
10-19-03.  Coming ASAP: Rehearsal schedules on the Shows page! Yea! Now if you lose the top half of your contract, you have no excuse for not knowing when practices are! Yea!
10-18-03.  Finished this version of the site!
10-17-03.  Added a new feature since last year: Thespian Spotlight (description above).