Rhube's Bar: FAQ
Q1. What is Rhube's Bar, and who is
this Rhube person anyway?

Rhube's Bar is a place that originated in the
StarShip Titanic 1st Class Forum. Back then it was
a way of Rhube getting people to talk to her, and a
pleasant setting for silliness. Eventually Rhube
decided to get a place of her own. This is it.

Over the years it has developed to contain not only
forums, but other clutter that has interested Rhube
from time to time. It has undergone a series of
mutations, both in content, and in style and presentation.
It's current, much neatened countenance is the result of
Rhube's finally learning html, and finding the time to use it. Consider the Bar a meeting place, a place for the expression and exchange of ideas. Here friends from all over England and around the world can join together to discuss their favourite books/music/yellow pigmes etc. And yes, it is possible to have a virtual tipple there too.

Q2. You still haven't told me who this Rhube person is.

That's not a question, but the point is taken.

Rhube is a scary person who seems to like talking in the third person. Currently? I'm a 'Graduand', which is a very odd thing to be. Not really a student anymore, but not quite graduated yet. I've spent the past three years studying English and Philosophy at York University, which is a very cool thing to have done, at a very cool place to be. I plan to spend the next year earning money, and doing very little that taxes my brain. I intend to write more, read more, paint more, and generally do more of the things I like. I also seem to be Press and Publicity Officer for the York University SF&F Society, so I guess I'll also spend my time plugging them a bit.

After that I want to do a Masters, and have heady dream of doing a PhD, preferably researching teh wonder that is The Dark Tower - if I can convince someone important that it's worthwhile, that is. But most likely I won't get funding, anyway, so I will either have to flee the country to somewhere like America (eek!) where they might fund me, or think up some new all-important aim in my life.

In general, though, my interests are all things SF&F, reading en general, writing (when I get the time), a little bit of LARP, and role-play in other forms too, painting, drawing, classic rock, and quality films. I could go on, but then what would be the fun of getting to know me here?

Q.3 Do I have to get to know you?

No, not if you don't want to, but this would be a difficult place to avoid me.

Q4. I'm worried about posting writing in your Forum. You won't steal it will you?

No, Rest assured that your work remains yours if you post it on my site. You retain the copyright. I can't speak for the other members of the larger internet community, though. However, should you discover that someone has tried to pass your work off as theirs after your posting it on my site, I will ban them, and retain a copy of your post as proof that you had it first - if I have not deleted it in a board clean-up. If you specifically want me to retain a work as evidence, notify me. If you are worried, I recommeend you post it to yourself by recorded mail and keep that copy without opening it - this will prove that you had a copy of it before the person that is trying to claim your stuff did.

Really, though I would advise you to think twice before putting writing up on the web. I want to encourage discussion, and welcome the use of my boards as a way for people to share their work with others, but you should be aware that such work counts as published in the eyes of publishers. Magazine publishers, in particular, tend to refuse to publish work which ahs appeared on the web, or if they will publish it, it is often at a reduced price. The area is a bit more complex where novels are concerned, but I would recommend erring on the side of caution. For more information on creative work, and publishing, see The Den.

Q5. I can't post anything in any of your forums. What am I doing wrong?

I don't know. Have you logged in? Have you registered with the boards - you will need a username and password to access them. The log in link is kinda hard to find on the boards, but it's there - down in teh bottom lefthand corner, if I remember rightly. If this doesn't help, email me directly and detail your problem.

Q6. What exactly is a 'Weird Goopy Thing' when it's at home?

An outmoded in-joke that means a lot more to me than anyone else. Beyond that, it's a snack invented by the landlady and diverse others. It is goopy, and its ingredients are weird. If you want a recipe, there should be one floating around on the site somewhere, but I don't actually recommend that you make it. You are not, after all, a trained cookbot.

Q7. What if I want to complain about something?

Feel free to email me, or post a message addressed to Rhube, or The Management, on one of the message boards.

Q8. And if I spot a spelling mistake...?

Rhube would be gald to know. email her as suggested above.

Q9. And if I want to mae a suggestion?

Again, just suggest it to Rhube, she'll either say, "Oh my, what a fabulous idea!", or "No, sorry, I don't feel its right for the site.", or she may ask the other patrons for their opinion.
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