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Welcome to the Themiscyra Scrolls! Here you will find the archived tales and legends of the Amazons of Themiscyra. If you are looking for the tribe's home, please click below.

The stories below were all written by and for the Themiscyra Amazons. Each archive was not written by any ONE person, but by the entire tribe. Each individual author is given credit at the beginning of their part of the story with their name in green.

The archives have been edited for clarity, consistency, spelling, grammar and the like. The Caliah Istoria (Keeper of the Tale), Deoris, edits the ancient archives for the sake of timeline consistency. There may be long periods of time between updates. We apologize for inconvenience, but we hope you enjoy reading our "herstory" all the same.

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Modern Themiscyran Archives 2003 - Present


1. A Time to Learn

2. Unrest in Themiscrya

3. Jadea's Departure

4. A Thief Amongst Us

5. Possession

6. What Meets the Eye



Special Archives


The First Snowball War - Winter Solstice 1999

A Solstice Carol - Winter Solstice 2000

Winter Solstice 2002

Lord of the Twisty: The Fellowship of the Amazons - Winter Solstice 2001

Lord of the Twisty: The Two Catapulted - Winter Solstice 2002


All material contained in these archives belong to the authors who created them and the community they wrote them for. Removing, reprinting or reposting these stories in whole or in part is copyright theft. 1999-2006 Themiscyra Amazons




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