Defending America: The 551st Military Police Company A division of the 716th Military Police Battalion
Defending America:
The 551st Military Police Company
A division of the 716th Military Police Battalion

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Armed Forces Tribute

Looking for a way to help support America and our troops? With these 4" x 8" Ribbon Car Magnets that say Support Our Troops, 101st Airborne or God Bless the USA you can show your support by displaying them on your car, mailbox, door, or any other metal surface! The cost of the magnets is $5.00 each which includes S&H. The funds earned will be used to purchase calling cards. The cards will be mailed to the 551st Military Police Company who are proud members of 101st Airborne. They have recently been deployed for the second time and as many of us know the phone calls home are so important.

One 800 minute calling card gives one hour of talk time from Afghanistan to the states and the cheapest card we have found so far costs $25. With the efforts of many we hope to reach enough people to supply these men and women with calling cards to be able call home until they return! For all orders and questions please contact Cindy or Teresa. Thank you for your support!

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We miss You all, our hearts and prayers are with you and your families. We thank everyone who has helped us to raise money for the calling cards,there is not much we know to do, but knowing how we long to here from our brother motivates us because we know there are many others out there that also wait to here from their loved ones. We will reach our goal with the help from so many!! Thank you again, Cindy Litteer & Teresa Muffoletto

~"My Yellow Ribbon"~
As I wait patiently for your return,
A yellow ribbon I do tie for thee.
My thoughts and prayers are well earned, hoping you'll come home to me.
If you don't I will understand,
my eyes, they do cry, as I wait to see.
You did what you had to do in that foreign land,
My Yellow Ribbon I will keep for thee.

An original poem by N.R."Doc"S.
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Today, the 716th Military Police Battalion continues to serve at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The battalion provides daily law enforcement support to Fort Campbell and is continuously prepared to deploy as directed by XVIII Airborne Corps and FORSCOM. The 716th Military Police Battalion remains the most highly decorated Military Police battalion in the United States Army, and stands poised to continue its proud heritage into the twenty-first century.

Our goal is to reach $1,000.00 currently we have $700.00. Thank you to everyone who has helped us reach our goal! We look forward to being able to send more cards, at this time, 30 cards costs approx. $800. Thanks again!