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The Great Lost Argentinian Combo

We’re proud to present :THE KNACKS one of the rarest & obscure argentinian 60’s garage/beat combo (only four 45’s are known ,only one with PS ) Their stereo mastertapes 14 songs of an unre Lp has been recently found these year.

The Knacks only 1969 PS 45

"I Feel So Bad & Down" Sound Sample

"Listen Me Clowns,I Love"

The Knacks in Orbit January 1969

We went out from the editorial office feeling as if we were getting into some ghost hunting, something like an interview with “the super-human” We arrived at a peculiar cavern, long and lugubrious staircases would lead us to our long awaited meeting with the Knacks. The witnesses and ourselves took a deep breath in a strange atmosphere of fantastic mess, where the amplifiers so quiet and tense looked as if they were to burst as soon as the rehearsal began. Then the heroes of the Knacks show arrived and talent arrived with them. They took their positions as if it were a kind of ritual. Charlie, almost a blonde little boy with his beautiful deep blue eyes, takes his guitar and we all feel that it is just an extension of his own body. Shuffling his feet “as always” the impervious Robbie takes his place on drums and completely absent-minded he dives into the sticks, turning us up with each skilful hit that later becomes a wise vibration. The tense atmosphere grows and grows when Armi takes the rhythmic guitar, with his eyes eternally full of stars. Suddenly the ascetic Mossy comes into scene, his fingers seem to wander across the thick strings of his bass, he stares at nothing and it seems as if he were burning from the inside, we have reached the climax. Chito, very slowly and gracefully like a big feline, with his long, long hair, looking as a liturgical musician from the eighteen century takes possession of the keyboards, the big moment is coming near.......The black light turns on, the imperative Knacks’ companion hits our senses, the final countdown is coming to an end, a sort of musical earthquake we never felt before drags us, constricts us and excites us till we are exhausted. All of this is going to Mardel with them and J.V. must be present at this boom of the year untouchable astronauts launching into the Hit Cosmos. We have no words but lots of impact to define this “five monstrosity”. We still stay in ecstasy, remembering them in their impervious world of black light and furious and angelic music. Two, One, Zero, the unique Knacks’ capsule is up. Now, we just wait for messages from the outer space...... From J.V. Magazine Jan. 1969


Emision beat 1970 great compilation of underground Argentinian beat bands featuring The Knacks

Review promoting their 1st 1967 Philips single

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