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Black Powder or Bow
From the loose of the string to its strike of the mark, The flight of the arrow has been a defining piece in the lives of archers centuries past to present day. It is individual in nature, and the hand that nocks the shaft ultimately controls its path.
The hunting archer further defines its path when he chooses to loose an arrow in the pursuit of game.
That defining moment or 'beginning' most often
becomes the foundation in which years of future time spent afield will draw.

                              Ralph Long jr.

A True Bow means a long bow, recurve bow or compound bow INCAPABLE of holding an arrow at full draw or partial draw without aid from the archer.
A hunt with my wife is all I could ask for or want.
Do yourself a favor& ask
"Why do I want to hunt?"
Listen to your answer very carefully....
If you say to kill, then you need to reevaluate your reasons!
Now if your answers are to be closer to nature, to enjoy the out doors, to develop better understandings, to help preserve & contribute to the conservation effort, to preserve or heritage of hunting, then you are on the right track. The reasons for hunting are endless, the way we choose to hunt is as important as the hunt itself.The taking of a life no matter how small or large is something to respect. Value for life is taught by the act of hunting, to understand the relationship between life and death and to respect life utmost is only one of the teachings of hunting.
If you were to take a survey of hunters, you would find by and large that hunters have a greater appreciation of life & understand the process better then the so called
non - hunter.
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