For those who don't know my name is Richard. This page isn't nothing fancy maybe for now it just has songs that I've written. Eventually I'll have more it just depends on the time I have. Right now all of the songs are real personal and involves one person and if you know me then you know who it is. Here's a sample that I just wrote:

I put my hands around your hips
Anticipating the moment I kiss your lips
Savoring every feeling every sensation
Making you my focus of concentration
Everything around us becomes frozen
Like if this moment was chosen
For it to take place
At that very time in that very place
With you I'll remember every kiss
And if I had just one wish
For every kiss I want time to halt
So I can put everything in a mental vault
Kissing you would be one dream come true
That involves you well they all involve you
And I wouldn't want this to end
But for now it's just for pretend


I'd would also want to know what you think of them



An Production
May 2001