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The Seekers - Athol Guy, Bruce Woodley, Judith Durham and Keith Potger -  have announced the 'Carnival of Hits' tour 2000 to be their last public tour after a seven year reunion which has seen the release of  'Future Road' - their first studio album for 30 years. Visit the Seekers pics / sounds gallery to see and hear the story of The Seekers in sounds and pictures, including sound and video clips from this superb album.
The Seekers Discography
Paralympics 2000 performance
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The Seekers got back together in 1993 after 25 years apart, initially for just one concert. However, due to overwhelming public demand, they ended up performing at over 150 venues, ending the tour by re-visiting the UK in 1995.

A 'live' CD and a video were released, the latter overtaking Michael Jackson's 'Dangerous' in the UK chart  to hit the number one spot!

After a couple of years of solo projects, The Seekers signed a recording contract with EMI Australia, resulting in a single, 'Far Shore' and their first studio album for 30 years, 'Future Road'. During the 2000 tour, the news came that the new album had gone *Platinum*.
You can find out more about the current Album, 'Future Road', plus info on all The Seekers' currently available CD's, Videos and publications by visiting the new 'CDs and Videos page'
There is no official fan club for the group, however the following organisations and links are highly recommended!
Surfin' Seekers is a fun, e-mail based chatgroup. Click on the logo to find out more at their great website, or to join this friendly, easygoing bunch of Seeker-mad folks right now, just drop an e-mail to Peter Otten:
Friends of The Seekers is a voluntary organisation run by a group of fans who produce three colour magazines a year and also do fundraising for MNDA (the Motor Neurone Disease association). The magazines have photo features, news, reviews, competitions and The Seekers themselves often contribute! Click on the logo for more details, or you can contact FOTS at:
Richard Veit's complete Seekers lyrics page is a goldmine for Seekers fans. Richard has transcribed the lyrics of every song the group has recorded! To visit this useful and informative site, click on the link below.
Barbara Vining and I have produced a webpage for those who share an interest in Judith Durham's solo career:
Judith Durham: The Non - Seekers years
These sites are also well worth a visit
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