Richard Holmes's Homepage

Richard Holmes's Homepage

Aachen 5 Millionen Mark

  • The Reincarnation FAQ - information from a very wide variety of sources on reincarnation and common misconceptions about it.
  • Sanskrit Mantras - how they work and what they can do.
  • A recipe for good fortune - which works with wonderful results. It's a special kind of prayer, but you don't need to be religious at all to do it.
  • My Higher Self Connection Technique a simple technique which allows you to enhance your intuition, energise yourself and to free yourself from worry and grief. It can be done anywhere too - even while strolling or commuting!
  • The Esoteric Page - links, articles and thoughts on various esoteric/mystical topics (dreaming, clairvoyance, raising chi, astral travel, etc).
  • German Inflationary Notgeld 1922-1923 - information about the great German post-war inflation of 1923 and lots of pictures of million and billion mark notes
  • My favourite music
  • - "de gustibus non disputandum"

  • My favourite movies
  • - now that's something I know a little more about

  • Links to friends
  • - which I've added primarily to help their websites get a higher ranking with Google. (Note this is only available to people I know pretty well!)

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