The Esoteric Page

The Esoteric Page

"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are dimmed."

Albert Einstein, from "Ideas and Opinions: Albert Einstein" (1982)


  • A little human wisdom - a quote I saw from the Dalai Lama. I am not a "groupie" of his, but I really admire his efforts to bridge the divide between different religions. I just thought that this quote was so darn wise, I had to add it here. (Most people never learn this simple truth.)

Increasing Your Good Fortune

Need some help to improve your life? Here's a mystical way that I am convinced really works.

Connecting to your Higher Self

This is one of the most important and worthwhile things that anyone can do in their life. Connecting to the higher aspect of your spirit - your own highest source of guidance and inspiratino - makes life a lot easier as your higher self always knows what is best for you. Therefore once you improve your connection with it, it can help you make your life a lot smoother and happier - and give you a lot of insight into yourself and all sorts of things. (I certainly don't claim to have done this but I'm very impressed when I meet people who have.)


Of course straight meditation is a good way to connect to the higher aspects of yourself. I wish I had more free time so I could do it! If you are not working and want a nice way to meditate, go to a public garden area (or a private one - even better) which is beautiful and where it's mildly sunny and where you won't be interrupted - you'll love it.
    My Higher Self Connection Technique one of my favourite ways of meditating, as the special focus on the crown area seems to be an excellent catalyst to meditation.
  • Zen Meditation: The Seat of Enlightenment - a very well-recommended style of meditation. Can be downloaded and printed in PDF format too.
  • Golden Light Meditation - a pretty cool animation which describes how to do it. This visualisation plus meditation is great for energising (important for health and spiritual growth) and I've noticed it even alleviates minor headaches.
  • Meditation can lead to some pretty amazing experiences - an incredible meditation experience from veteran mystic Robert Bruce. Why take drugs when an experience like this is available naturally?
  • What Is Zen Buddhism? - a great 3-part article by Ming Zhen Shakya, founder of the Nan Hua Zen Buddhist Society and first American to be ordained in Mainland China in more than a quarter century of Communist rule.

Want to be Clairvoyant?

I am fairly convinced that the best way to become clairvoyant - that is, to be able to perceive the non-physical astral things around you - is to take up a form of the Middle Pillar exercise, first promoted by Dr Israel Regardie one of the shining members of the Mystical Order of the Golden Dawn and from all accounts a very earnest, thoughtful and ethical person.

Essentially you first imagine as vividly as you can a great ball of white energy above your head (take a few minutes). Then once you've achieved this (which will take practice) you imagine energy coursing down into a smaller ball of energy at the nape of the neck (again take a few minutes). Then from here to another ball at the centre of the chest, and lastly to one at the feet - stopping at each point to vividly imagine this new ball of brillant light and energy, while knowing that the others are still active too. After a couple of months of doing this daily, you should start noticing that your senses have expanded.


General Metaphysics

  • N.E.W Energy Ways - Robert Bruce's revolutionary free online tutorial for raising energy (ie "chi" or "prana"). Energy-raising is useful for one's health, making dreams more vivid and is a great catalyst for any kind of spiritual advancement. This is amazingly simple to get into and is extremely effective.
  • Training To See Auras - Robert Bruce's excellent free online tutorial on how to see auras. Really helps if you are doing the N.E.W Energy Ways technique above.


  • Donald J. DeGracia's amazing homepage which has his work on sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming - plus a bunch of other things.
  • Melatonin - the dream hormone - how melatonin can enhance your dreams, plus ways to increase your melatonin levels. I also believe it helps with OBE training as well.
  • Improving your dreaming - tips for making your dreams more vivid and more memorable.

The out of body experience (OBE)

It is only relatively recently that people have discovered relatively straight-forward ways to induce waking adventures outside the physical body. One of the most exciting experiences anyone could expect to achieve and one which is possible to achieve on a fairly regular basis.
  • - Anne's short but excellent site on astral travel. She's a successful traveller and investigator and her site is a great place to start. Has info about What Monroe Institute tapes might be useful, etc.
  • My Experiences with the Monroe Institute "Gateway" Series - how I got on with the "Wave I" tapes of the "Gateway" Series
  • Astral Travel - why I'm keen on it, plus some good resources for the aspirant (related to the Monroe tape page above)
  • Treatise On OBE - astral travel guru Robert Bruce's excellent online web tutorial.
  • The Astral Dynamics Workbook - 90 Day OBE Program By Brian Mercer, based around Robert Bruce's work. Best to download the Excel spreadsheet version if you have Excel. (Yet another free online resource.)
  • The Body of Light Technique - the Golden Dawn's simple but effective technique for astral projection.
  • Donald J. DeGracia's homepage which, in addition to his work on sleep, dreams and lucid dreaming, has a lot of very interesting stuff to do with astral travel.
  • First time experiences - a thread from from Robert Bruce's excellent Astral Pulse forum.
  • Dark side Astral Travel Experience - a friend's cautionary experience in the darker end of the astral spectrum and advice on how to avoid it. Note that this is the last place new travellers should ever expect to end up in.


I'm not much of an astrology buff, but I know a lot of other people who are so here are some good links.
  • Astro Dienst - a Swiss site which provides lots of astrological services - especially a free service where they construct a natal chart GIF file for you!
  • Introduction to Astrology - Joyce Moss's excellent site which helps you start finding out what on earth all those funny symbols mean on this chart you've now got.


I'm a member of the Theosophical Society - not because I am really interested in the society per se, but mainly as a place to talk to interesting people and read a few interesting books on spiritual topics. Even though one of the people who set up the society, Helena Blavatsky, channelled heaps of information from spirits she identified as "ascended masters", I have always been a little sceptical of channelling. The problem is that the spirits being channelled are almost always unknown quantities and the channeller can often be fooled into thinking that some spirit is a lot wiser than they are.
  • The Popular Model Conundrum - an article Robert Bruce wrote about channeled wisdom and the contradictions one finds in a lot of it - with examples from Allan Kardek, Seth, etc.


  • Barbara Brennan - healer, teacher, former NASA physicist and author of the internationally acclaimed bestsellers, HANDS OF LIGHT, LIGHT EMERGING, and the SEEDS OF THE SPIRIT series. She also runs the premier healing school in the United States, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH).

Nonsense and Tomfoolery

Seriousness aside, you just have to wonder about some things in life...


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