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Vonage voiceover IP
The next big new way for homes and small businness to lower the cost of phone service. I have it connected to a cable modem, It works great.The sound quality is the same as regular phone lines. There are other advantages too. You should check it out today.
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I am geeking around  on these pages. This is not a personals page. I am not interested in making contact with those women,(or gay men), who cruise the web looking to hook up. This page is an indicator of some of my intrests. That is all. You are welcome to contact me by Email. Be nice, and remember the rule is: I only respond to the topic: "Common intrests". Share your knowledge with me. Follow all the links. little suprises are everywhere.         
  I hope you enjoy my pages.
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A Travel show for the person who wants to see more. You feel like you have glimpsed a small part of of the life of real people in small communities or large cities  From around the Globe. It makes
Created:  April 9 2003
Last updated :May 18th 2004
                     Jan 30th 2005
you want to take up a back pack,,tie on your hiking boots and just go,,,anywhere. The music on this series is excelent and all unique. You probably haven't heard it before,  because,,well,  it's all samples of music and voices collected from the series as the travelers journey throughout our world.
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The best site on the web for
movie trailers
Authored by Mary Schmich
Chigago Tribune June 1 1997
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It's the best animated series
I have ever seen.

Its Good vs Evil, & Zen Stories,
The value of behaving
Honorably in all situations.
A cartoon worth watching. This link will open
Real Player plugin. Veiw a little about the creation of the Samurai Jack episodes..
The elements
The Endless migration of currency.
Where have the notes in your wallet been?
Find out now. Go to
Where's George.Com
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Hi Fans!!!
I have been  very busy for the last 7 months. Its January 28th 2005, and It's time to fix up my home page again. I will be adding more pages and fixing the outdated / broken links. I have received a prodigious amount of Email from those surfers  who have told others about my home page and so on. You have shown me  a lot of creative sites.
I am now going to create a (TOP 25 Favorites sites) Page. Look for it soon.
Thanks for the fan mail . My counter was set  for 1000 hits. All of you rolled it 5 times. I have 1789 fan emails saved @ this server.Keep in mind all email sent to me becomes my property, I may want to post some of them to my pages one day.
I won't post any of the older fan email.