How To Live A Healthy Lifestyle

In my opinion, wealth goes together with health. If one makes so much money and if not healthy, what is the point as one will not be able to enjoy life with all the weatlh. So it is very important not to be stressed out about making money and not taking care of one's health.

Too much or prolonged stress can lead to many ill-health diseases like cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, hypertension and many more.

The following points need to be taken into considersation in order to live a healthy lifestyle:

Natural Healing

Have you ever tried using natural healing to treat yourself against certain illness or injury?

I've experienced 2 types of natural healers in particular, reiki & accupressure. So I'm going to talk about these from my own personal experiences, though there are more natural healers like reflexology, acupuncture, herbology, aromatherapy & many more.


Reiki (pronounced as "Ray-Key") is a Japanese form of stress reduction & relaxation which also promotes healing. It has helped in healing virtually every known illness and injury. The energy of reiki already exists within you & you use this flow of energy to apply to the part of the area that you are trying to heal.

These are my experiences on reiki which I would like to share with you.

I had a cyst in my upper gum & I went for the operation to get rid of it. 2 years later it came back & I didn't want another operation. My girls persuaded me to practise reiki. At first I didn't believe in it but it did work on me several times & now I go for reiki whenever I need to heal myself.

I used the energy from the palm of my hands to apply to my gum everyday for 5 - 6 wks. The cyst disappeared but a few years later it came for the third time & I used the same technique to get rid of it. Now it has been over 4 years already & it hasn't come back. Not only I have saved over $1000, I hate to have my gum cut open & also suffer from the side effects after the operation as I refused to take antibiotics after I had the operation.

I also had a poorly knee & at one time I couldn't climb up the stairs. I went to the doctor & he couldn't see anything wrong with it. I could hear my bones cracking at times. So I used reiki again on my poorly knee & it worked. So now I don't see my doctor except for the yearly checkup. So everytime I mow my lawn, my knee starts to ache & I practise reiki & it works everytime.

My sister-in-law has spiderveins for many years & in 2005 it was bad while I was there on holiday. I told her to practise reiki & her condition has improved a lot. For her it will take more than just 4 or 5 weeks as her condition is pretty bad.


Accupressure is also good to treat certain conditions. I use some of these techniques quite often.

I prefer natural healing to modern medicine. I hate to use drugs for treatment & if I can avoid them, I will.

Interested in YOUR Health & Nutrition?

With the increasing rate of cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes & many more diseases, it is important we choose the right kind of foods besides having regular exercises. While it may not always be possible to avoid stress and breathe clean air, it is indeed possible to control what we eat by including the right kind of foods in our everyday diet.

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