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The Mission of this Online Project
This Web Site is aimed at a very broad yet focused goal, to make our Suryoyo population around the world have a feeling of pride for who they are. Suryoye Oromoye.  Through the past two millenia, our people have endured many bloody, horrific hardships.  However, we have survived.  This very fact makes us one of the most blessed and beautiful ethnic groups on God's Earth. 

We are a people without a land. we must perserve our language culture and traditions.  Never to forget our martyrs who died for our beautiful people. 

My personal intention for this site is to highten awareness to the political issues surrounding our People.  We are living in a  world in which politics and protest should be used to our advantage.  We must educate ourselves, have a relentless passion for our goal, and never give up the dream.  With that guide, we will not fail. 
Rich Ghazal