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Gale Harold is an emerging star in the entertainment field. He has a short but eclectic acting background that started quite by accident as you will soon see.

I only discovered him myself about a year and a half ago and since that time I have been scouring every avaiable entertainment source possible trying to find out more about this amazing actor. Not only do I think he is very talented, but I think he is extremly hot!!

Gale was born and raised around Atlanta, Georgia. After graduation from Southwest DeKalb County Highschool, Gale attended American University in Washington, D.C., on a soccer scholarship.

He began a Liberal Arts Degree in romance literature only to depart after a year and a half, due to irreconcilable differences of opinion between himself and his coach.

Gale then moved to San Francisco, California to pursue an interest in fine arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. Eventually, he became dissatisfied with that, too, and opted to make other plans.

Please come here to see what Gale has been up to during his career and what may be coming up for him in the future.

Just Below The Surface

You can come here to see a list of all the Stage, Film and Television Productions that Gale has been in so far, as well as a few things that he is involved in helping to produce.

Immortalized Forever

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Gale Harold

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