Characters, Maps, and More by Rich Pizor

Characters, Maps, and More!

All by Rich Pizor (unless noted otherwise)

The following files all exist on my GeoCities account. Click any link to download the file to your desktop!

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For detailed directions on how to make your own deck or construct one of these, please check my FAQ in the Files section.

Aayla Secura
Likely the most popular Jedi from Episode II, the athletic, exotic Twi'lek features gorgeous blue skin and a Type B minor in the form of Clone Trooper Commnader Bly. Her cards deal with memory, both her own and her opponents...Version 2.1, considered final. Includes figures.

Asajj Ventress
BRAND NEW DESIGN! Darkside desciple from the Clone Wars campaign. Asajj fights with twin lightsabres given to her by Count Dooko and is a fierce warrior with more than a few tricks up her sleeve. She is backed up by two battle droids. Version 3.0 Includes figures.

Dark Troopers
Original nemesis of Kyle Katarn, the Dark Troopers are heartless soldiers developed on a top-secret Imperial capital ship. Two skeletal Phase I Troopers run interference for a Phase II Trooper. Version 1.1. Moderately tested, not final. Figures not included - it's damned hard to find art for these guys.

Droideka and Battle Droids
The shielded menace from the prequal trilogy and the useless metallic chickens that fill out the Trade Federation's army. The Droideka features a seperate shield track, giving it a unique life management situation. Version 1.0, currently untested. Figures included.

An exceedingly long-lived, tough-to-kill mercenary and bounty hunter, Durge suffered an excrutiating fate at the hands of the Mandalorians. When he emerged from recovering from that incident to find their order all but wiped from the galaxy, he joined up with the Seperatist Army so that he could extract vengence one clone at a time. This is version 2.0, and while it's the result of an extensive amount of testing, analysis, and discussion, the current incarnation hasn't been tested. Includes figures.

Grand Admrial Thrawn & Rukh
The deck design on this one is 90% by Roman Farraday and layout about 75% Fooyongoo; all I did was contribute some design notes to the deck, design the cardback, and make some tweaks to the design. Perhaps the most popular extended universe villian, Thrawn is a both a tactical mastermind and the only non-human to attain a ranked officer's position within the Empire. He works alongside Rukh, his Noghri bodyguard. An interesting deck that features a ranged primary character with a melee secondary, inverting the usual order of things. Final version, extenxively tested. Includes figures.

Grand Moff Tarkin
Deck designed by Roman Farraday, with card ideas submitted by Aaron Shockley and Rich Pizor. An updated version of P.D. Magnus' Tarkin, this one loaded with special cards in an attempt to simulate Tarkin's skills as a military strategist. Deck design is about 0.8. Layout is now complete, including card backs, figures, and new Elite Stormtrooper art. Feedback is welcome.

Jawa Clan
This deck is somewhat experimental. It features five weak characters, three of whom constitute the major character. The deck is steeped in the tribal structure of the Jawa people. Designed for my girlfriend, who especially loves the lil guys. This deck is somewhat imperfect; it's difficult to tell the major from the minor cards, and with five characters running around, the Clan does have something of a tactical advantage in one on one play. However, a couple recent playtests have suggested that it's a pretty solid deck. Just ignore the custom movement rule for purple fields, and otherwise consider this final. Card backs don't align perfectly and figures are in a seperate file below.

Luminara Unduli & Barriss Offee
All I did on this one was the layout; the deck itself was designed by Roman Farraday. This deck depicts Jedi Knight Luminara Unduli and her padawan, Barriss Offee, so far seen best in the Clone Wars cartoon but also briefly in Episode II. As with the various Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan decks, the pair of Jedi are hampered by having no expendible minor and no ranged capabilities, and so must work together carefully to achieve victory. This is version 1.2, extensively playtested, considered final. Includes figures.

Mara Jade
This deck features Mara Jade somewhere between the third and fourth Zahn books - Force sensitive, sabre wielding, but not a Jedi yet. She is backed up by two Twi'lek spies, largely because that was the best character art I could find. ;) Mara fights with both a light sabre and a blaster but requires more strategic planning than many of the other characters. Version 3.1, moderately tested, feedback very much welcome. Includes figures.

The Rancor & Malakili
This deck represents Jabba's pet Rancor. He's backed up by Malakili, a Corellian who serves as the Rancor's keeper in Jabba's palace. Both are melee attackers, but the Rancor can attack at one extra space to represent his massive size. 1.0, very untested. Includes figures.

Slave Leia
Probably my most playtested and tuned deck. This deck represents Leia just after she has killed Jabba and been rescued by R2. She is backed up by R2 and 3PO, but there's a catch - they can't attack! This deck features a few unique special effects, including cards that interfere with the map and an attack that can leave craters. Heavily playtested, finely tuned, considered final, but has the tendency to get boring after Leia dies in team or master play, as the droids' lack of attack renders them pretty useless except as damage soaks. Includes figures and crater counters.

Ysanne Isard
An Extended Universe character, Isard is the Director of Imperial Intelligence. As such, her special cards focus on espionage, sleight of hand, and trickery to take out her opponents. She's backed up by two cream of the crop, hand picked Elite Stormtroopers. This is version 2.2, with vastly different cardplay and a much stronger chance of winning. Currently untested. Includes figures.


Broken Planet Map Pack
These maps are based on a series of interchangeable geomoprhs. Each geomorph is exactly 1/2 the size of a standard Epic Duels map; put two together to get a full, standard map. These maps aren't based on any particular locale in the Star Wars universe, but is simply a generic harsh, dead environment. Think Kessel, maybe. A couple of special rules, but nothing super weird.

Lava Pit Map
This map is based on what we assume will be the end of Episode III. The map is in two halves. Print each half at 180 dpi and tape together to get a standard size Epic Duels map. This map is based on a geomorph from the same series I used to create the Broken Planet map pack, above.

The Desert of Tattoine Map
This map is based on a tile released by Wizards of the Coast in support of their Star Wars Miniatures game. I've cleaned it up a bit and converted it for Epic Duels use. There are two tiles, one that is blank desert, one that has a couple of rocks that serve as obstacles to both movement and line of sight. Each one is exactly 1/2 of a standard ED map. Print as many as you like to build the desert of your dreams!

Wampa Cave
This map represents the Wampa's ice cave on the planet Hoth. Pretty straightforward, but there is a little bit of funkiness, so be sure to read the included ReadMe file.


Design Kit
NOTE: YOU MUST RIGHT-CLICK THE LINK ABOVE AND SAVE THE ARCHIVE TO YOUR DESKTOP. I don't know why, but if you just click, you'll get a "page not found" error.

This kit contains the templates and files I use to design all my decks, and a detailed Read Me file on what all goes into the process. Used in conjunction with the Deck Making FAQ in the Files area, this represents a good starting point for building your own decks.

Cut-n-assemble figures for various decks. Includes the Jawa Clan, the original Bounty Hunters, Mara Jade and Lando Calrissian.

Guide To Rich's Mods
For the more experienced and/or adventursome ED fan, here's a detailed list of instructions to all the figure mods I've designed. Changes from the preview version I posted to the list include: