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Janie, Charlotte and JonathonNow I've started I realise I don't actually know what to say. I am Janie and these two are my two youngest Charlotte and Jonathon. I am 32 and we live in Lancashire. John and I met around 6 years ago through our passion for German Shepherd Dogs. Nowadays kids leave little time for hobbies but we still have a great interest in dogs in general but especially GSD's.

Although I don't actually work at present I am studying for my Legal Executives qualifications. I use the ITC correspondence course and I am currently studying Land Law, so if anyone out there can help me sort out positive easements from restrictive covenants please DO get in touch! After this subject I will have one more subject to complete before being qualified and then will need to get a job doing what I've studied for before I earn the letters after my name!

In my 'spare' time I also help run the local Rainbow unit - this is the branch of Guiding that caters for girls aged 5-7 years. I originally got involved as two of my daughters had been at Rainbows and when Rebecca came to join the unit was in danger of folding due to lack of volunteers. I stepped in and I have found a whole new circle of friends and have been on several training courses useful in everyday life as well as in Guiding.


I will leave now with a few of my favourite links or those which may be of use. Please come back again as I will be changing this site regularly.

Institute of Legal Executives


Click to find out more about becoming a Guider


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