Meet the Kids!!!

Zoe, Laura, Rebecca, Charlotte & Jonathon

We are Zoe, Laura, Rebecca, Charlotte and Jonathon. We are 10, 8,7,4 and 2 and it is not often we will all sit together AND smile!

We have a lot of hobbies between us and hope that they will interest you.

Zoe is the oldest and is 10. She is a great swimmer, she has just earned her gold medallion and is now working towards her honours challenge medallion. She has also been playing the violin 2 years and has just passed her Grade 2 exam. She recently played solo in a local music festival. She has also been selected to join the newly formed local Brass & Woodwind Band where she will learn the flute. Zoe has been going to Guides for a year now and is looking forward to her next camp in March.

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Laura is almost 8. She also loves swimming and has just done her Stage 3 exam. She has recently started learning the recorder, cello and guitar. Laura enjoys Brownies and has been going for just over a year. In Novemeber she went on Pack Holiday to Lancaster. It rained all weekend but they all had a great time.

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Rebecca was 7 in July and is also a keen swimmer having done her Stage 1 last summer. She goes to Brownies and went on her first pack holiday in November. It was nice to get away from home although she didn't amnage to get away from mum as she went too!

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Charlotte is 4 and shares her birthday with Rebecca. Her favourite things at the moment are her dolls, Barney and the Tweenies! She went to 'Big School' in September.

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