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Welcome to THE ALL NEW, UPDATED and REVISED Kanoya, Tarumizu, and Fukuyama website!! Take a look around, and let me know if there is anything amiss. Thanks!

A word about each of the functions in the table to the left:

  • First is the home page, with a detailed map of Kagoshima and surrounding area. Also, please sign in on my guestbook!

  • The history file will provide the reader with a little bit of insight into the author's life up til the point when he made is amazing trek to the Far East. At that point, we will transition to the...

  • J-files, where I detail my observations on one of the at-once coolest, strangest and craziest countries on the planet, Japan.

  • Category four is Essential Info, which will include, that is essential to your living in Japan.

  • The fifth category is entitled X-files, and this is where you can find information about driving in Japan, exercise, and playing hooky from school!!

  • The sixth and seventh entries are more specifically geared toward the fair towns of Kanoya, Tarumizu, and Fukuyama. I'll keep adding info on these towns as I get it.

  • And finally, number eight is just what it says. I've placed a bunch of pictures here detailing my life in sunny Kagoshima, Japan. There may also be pictures of monkeys' asses, but I haven't decided on that yet. I'll keep you updated at any rate.

As a side note, if you're viewing this page on a computer that doesn't support Japanese Kanji, there are some characters that will be unreadable. Sorry about that! In any event, read and enjoy!