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Alcohol is used in many forms in many products, not just beverages (booze). Mouthwash in general has a higher alcohol content than beer, wine and many liquors.

MOUTHWASH DANGER - Mouthwashes with an alcohol content of 25% or higher have been implicated in mouth, tongue and throat cancers. Alcohol acts as a solvent in the mouth making tissues more vulnerable to carcinogens. Men had a 60% higher risk and women a 90% higher risk of these cancers, compared to those not using the mouthwash.
National Cancer Institute 4/22/91

About the same time, Warner-Lambert Co. announced it was developing a lower alcohol formula of its popular mouthwash, which has (had) an alcohol content of 26.9%. Company CEO stated the lower alcohol formula is "coincidental. It's not directed at any cancer problem."
Wall Street Journal 4/23/91 pg B1

Coincidental? Not directed at a cancer problem? Go figure! Regarding the difference between alcohol content over or under 25%... it's still in the mouth where alcohol acts as a solvent. We already know that substances are quickly and easily absorbed anywhere in the mouth. What could this alcohol be doing in other parts of the body? Could it make other tissue more vulnerable to carcinogens? Many forms of alcohol are found in hundreds of products we use every day.

Remeber, logic doesn't count - they need a study!

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