Aluminum is a metal, the third most common element, and a toxin in the body. You'll find it in processed foods, antiperpirants, antacids, cosmetics, paper products, and beverage cans, foil and cookware.

World Health Organization conducts study on chemical pollution and the elderly... "there is a suspected link between Alzheimers's disease and the toxicity of aluminum... autopsies have found high concentrations of the metal in the brain of people who had suffered from the disease."
Public Health Reports, Nov-Dec 1993 v 108 n6 p798(2)

Studies linking aluminum to Alzheimer's disease... 'The evidence is strong enough that the prudent person will eliminate all food and cosmetic sourses of aluminum and will use aluminum cooking utensils only if they are coated,' suggests Gary Price Todd, M.D., author Nutrition Health and Desease."
National Health, May-June 1993 v23 n3 p54(2)

Dr. Daniel Perl, Director of Neuropathology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, suggests, "...avoid aerosol antiperspirants. Aluminum in aerosol form may be more readily absorbed into the brain through nasal passages."
The University of California, Berkley Wellness Letter, April 1993 v9 n7 p1(2)

"Aluminum containing antiperspirants are designed to be absorbed and studies show that regular use of these products can raise the risk of Alzheimer's by as much as three-fold. (also) ...municipal water supplies treated with alum (aluminum sulfate)... at least 7 studies show that people drinking water high in alum are more likely to develope Alzheimer's."
National Health, May-June 1993 v23 n3 p54(2)

Alzheimer's disease is now the 4th LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH amoung the elderly, behind heart disease, cancer and strioke. A mere half century ago, Alzheimer's disease was virtually unheard of!
Something's going on! Our bodies are rebelling against this chemical invasion. Will you take action? Either way, you're betting your life!

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