Talc... Linked To Ovarian Cancer

TALC is a very fine substance, so fine it can be used as a "dry" lubricant. Talc is chemically similar to asbestos, a known cancer causing substance. Talc is found in many "body and baby" powders, feminine powders and many cosmetics. It's also used as a lubricant on condoms! While it makes your skin "feel" slippery smooth; Talc does so much more!

How does Talc keep babies and your private parts so "fresh?" Presumably by clogging the pores that secrete those necessary fluids. Could those fine little particles manage to get into the system? TALC being similar to asbestos is not comforting, especially when used on babies and genital areas.

Talc's harmful effect on human tissue has been known for quite some time. Long ago, its dry lubricating properties were used as a glove-donning powder (easy to slide on) for surgical gloves. As early as the 1930s, Talc was linked to post-operative granulomatous peritonitis and fibrous adhesions.

Talc... (on condoms)... may result in fallopian tube fibrosis with resultant infertility. Question raised by Doctors Kasper and Chandler in Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 3/15/95.
Nutrition Health Review, Summer 1995 n73 p8(1) A possible tie between talcum powder and ovarian cancer, long suspected because of talc's chemical similarity to asbestos, was supported when a study found a higher risk of the cancer amoung women who dusted themselves with talc or used feminine deodorant spays. The study, published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, found that women who used talcum powder in the genital area had an increased ovarian cancer risk of 60% and women who used feminine deodorant spays had a 90% incresed risk." In 1994, the FDA conducted a scientific workshop on the issue and did not find enough of a causual link to justify even a consumer warning.
U.S. News & World Report, March 17, 1997 v122 n10 p77(1)

While more studies link talc to ovarian carcinoma and urinary tract disorders - and cancer rates soar - the FDA is waiting for conclusive evidence. But don't worry about the surgeons. You see, talc is not used in glove-donning powders any more... but is still found in cosmetics, powders and condoms! So while they protect their health, their flow of patients may be protected as well!

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