This is Tracey, she is from NY....a real clown, and a real sweetheart..i

This is ebronte....she has been a very close friend for some time now....was my first zone

This is Teri, I think she is very nice looking but all her friends are dogs..this is her best friend rogue.

This is Skarlett, she is my little Australian zone buddy....dont see her very often anymore... :-(

This is Myst, she is the deck monitor....she keeps em all in line......yea

She made me change this pic ya'all...I didnt want to, but she made me...Threatened me with bodily

This is Tweeti....she is the zone trouble least for really...she is a sweetie...

This is a Crazy Cajun...he is Tweeti's hubby...imagine that...a bird and a

Does anybody know these two? I found this picture on the post office wall under the 10 most wanted list. If anybody can identify them please call BR549 and ask for Jr. Samples.

This is my little buddy Shortchick, President of the hun club...a real hun too!!!!and a lot of laughs!!!

As promissed Allumer, here are your pics. I said I would get them on here soon. I just didnt know when soon Anyway, this Is allumer and family. She lives in Maine, and was my second zone buddy.

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