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Happy Anniversary Rick and Lena

On October 18, 2000, you'll be celebrating 14 years of marriage to each other.
To make this a special event, I've created this site for you.

Congratulations, not just on a marriage of 14 years,
but on keeping love alive for 14 years and making your marriage very special.

Many marriages these days don't last long.
You are both one of the lucky ones.
Your marriage has lasted 14 years and you are still in love with one another as much, if not more, than when you first met and married.

So to help you celebrate your very special day....I've gathered some poetry on love, marriage, husbands and wives.

Each poem offers something special.  

Each poem will remind you of the love you share now and forever.

Each poem will offer wisdom into what keeps a marriage happy and alive.

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Poems on Marrage
Poems on Husbands
Poems on Wives
Special Page From Lena To Rick
Special Page From Rick To Lena
Wings of Peace Gifts and More

Please don't forget to sign Rick and Lena's Anniversary Guestbook. Thanks!!

So let's go over to the poetry page and see what's there.....

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