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I had a chance to use my brother's garage to get an idea of how the new front wheel would look on my bike. Outside of getting a few more parts and modifying them, the propject is coming along well.
The Harley lowers fit with no problems, since they are made for 41mm forks and Honda's are 41mm...

I will be getting Harley fork seals, the Honda ones seem loose.

The overall diameter of both the stock 19inch and the Harley 21inch wheels are within a quarter of an inch of each other -

so there shouldn't be much difference with the ride or handling.
Even though its just a mock-up for right now, it gives a very good idea of how the bike will look when completed.

The best thing is the fact that the Harley lowers can be grafted on to the Honda forks with no problem.
Overall, the VT1100C has the right stance and lines to hold the 21inch spoked wheel.
Kind reminds me of the Harley Dyna model.
Comparing both types of lowers -
left is Honda, right is Harley
As the song goes --
She's got the look!
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