911 in pictures
9/11 New York, NY
The Towers were hit...
Smoke and fire engulfed both Towers - many people trapped and in grave danger
The South Tower explodes...
... and collapses
The North Tower soon falls also...
At a time of great shock and horror to New Yorkers and the people of the United States -
there were some who celebrated...
When Palestinians heard of the news
they took to the streets in cheering crowds

Happy to hear the tradgety and horror inflicted upon New York and the United States

Joyous celebration, cheering -
they danced in the streets
while Americans died

People ran for their lives...
In the aftermath of
this disaster...
there were survivors
The cost of human
All this death because of this Muslem
Osma ben Ladin
and his followers -
fundamental Muslem terrorists
Dont let terrorism win their fight againt freedon and liberty..
Remeber those who were murdered on
Sept 11, 2001
Palestinian children took to the streets in celebration -

Can it be true that the Palestinians danced in the streets at the news of the Twin Towers fall??
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Because they follow this thing they call their "god"...