Welcome  to NOFUEL RACING
This site will feature racing with Gravity,
Wind, Currents and Waves.


Street Luge , The " Lowest form of Racing.

NOFUELRACING , This site is for people who are  Extremist, Dare Devils, Stunt men and
Women, Adventure seekers, Clean Air Advocates, Adrenaline junkies and Speed freaks. Like
to have fun without spending bucks on gasoline. With Fuel at its all time "High" here are some
alternatives and fun ways to enjoy your sport. If you or a friend has a NOFUEL idea I'd like
to post it . Send pictures to >                                      

     What is NOFUELRACING?

No Fuel Racing is basically this, no fuel
or mixture of any kind  to generate
combustion, power, acceleration, or
propulsion accompanied with  motion
can be use with your discipline sport.
Gravity,  Wind, Currents or Waves  are
the main factors behind No Fuel
Racing. Forces of nature or natural
“energy”. Examples:  Sailing, Skiing,  
Snowboarding, Bobsledding ,Ice or
Street luge, Downhill skate boarding,
Gravity Cars(Soapbox type) as well  or
Bikes, Inline-Roller skating and  Hand
Gliding.  Regenerating  or  modifying to
supplement or modify assistance being
battery operated under “solar”
charging  is the exception used with
electricity. Assistance to use No Fuel
Racing with the help  of  lift’s,  Gondola’
s for  downhill skiing-snow boarding or
mountain biking, Air plane in “toe” for
soaring, sky diving, base jumping and
any form  is  OK its merely a way of
getting to the top to descend
downward using Gravity.  

    Rick Wilson

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