teat fistula

teat fistula




meshuganeh to the ruminants.


Fistulous Withers sang “Clementine” while we cried.



the night they burned the launch tower down.


fighting in mice.



antiseptic udder ointment on the bedstead. restaints tied forever to the headboard.


teat stenosis. teat sphincter. teat runcible.


making milking difficult. cult of.


trailer of leakers.


grub control, this is Major Tom.


the milkmaiden and the slacker with a sleeve of soda crackers. think I’ll listen to Bill Palace.


Lumpy skin disease.


what did Chuck Negron say he would give you for the refrigerator?


the upper incisor arcade in horses.


palatability of the ration. tantamount to gene eros.

many animals, fed to appetite, will become engorged and obesify.



cris·sum (kr¹s“…m) n., pl. cris·sa (kr¹s“…). Zoology. The feathers or area under the tail of a bird surrounding the cloacal opening. [New Latin, from Latin crºs³re, to move the buttocks during intercourse. See sker-2 below.] --crissal (-l) adj.



I’ll even throw in the beret.


scrapbook of highlights from the fourth annual Ervas Arbusto Plantation “fermentation diarrhea in calves suckling cafeteria-style” sonota polka get-together passed around at an opportune moment. I put a pillow in my lap. then comes the pitch for a new hand cream.

I have been chaffed by sequins.


there can be no sequel to our love. only time-filler between commericals.


it is important to Doctor Todd that he have only the most authentic peanut brittle on his countertop.


dogmatic statements regarding the age of an individual animal are to be avoided.


now shipping clotted cream to the fifty states and District of Columbia.


I cant find quality conversation or crème fraiche anywhere! whatever is a convalescent to do?


sucrose in piglet creep. look, it says it right here.


move over for the rumen overload! thank you, Johnny Gilbert.






inappetence and a stiff gait.


comprehension and an invitation.


during the first Truman Administration the more dominant of the ruminants met with the Nitro Manitou to discuss terms of surrender.

in an atrium where the muntin was peeling.


cordials were served still on vines.





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