abnormalities of impulse formation in canned squid

abnormalities of impulse formation

in canned squid



sinus arrest in four/four time. Nature's inquest into the look of surprise crossing the Seine without a baguette just before gametime. sunrise over the green sardines of gargantuan Uranus.

          please ask your father to stop lining his litter box with my legal documents. litterbox in a helicopter.


tonicclonic body movements of short duration. say, lasting about as long as a commercial break. buried in a mound.

          pass me an oar. the one inlaid with the eyes of the Tarot  reader.

nice shirt. now how 'bout learning to do up the top button.

          push push into George Bush. hand-me-down headress.


          Mickey's epilepsy is in remission. rest area paintbox.


atrial flutter. the assertive squid makes the arrest. the better arrest.

          the arresting officer wore a straw hat from the Aldo collection. the more perfect  leper choses the Serta Perfect Sleeper.

          the girl with nice tits has the flu: how will you react this day, given the prevailing irrelevance?


with the warmth of mortar.


ventricular asystole and a story about squid turds. or a buzz about Auntee Duressa.

          the flavor of the day is raw merchandise.

          Swath of the Torah.


buried in mounds of paperwork versus mounted by debt-ridden policemen.

          your carriage is here. shall I return to the has-beens reunion? practicing my lines for the commercial. appeal of the downtrodden. glazing up at our chi.

          your chi versus her green pudendum, curtained off from the nonplussed.


four cornbread sticks or rolls? millinery available upon request.


ventricular escape rhythm. ask me to dance.

          retirement party initiation sand.


the body assembly.


thicker than reason.


just another circumsized dick.


since bagboys were unionized. the importance of being bearable.

          statues are all the same color on the outside.

          all our servers were white there.


cognitive performance rhythms.

          appearing on the Budweiser stage.


atrial standstill.

          Simon says, "here kitty, kitty!"


diaphragmatic excursions.


gradual onset poopy breath.


pericardial effusion. gimme a hug.


organomegaly. pastabilities.


you big metropolis, you!


lacrimal recriminations highlighted offstage at conference of oregano producers.


the inert ingredients of speech.









iron and silk. drink to the heath of the gods!

a healthy living portal.

          tanning gourmand. kitten emesis.


never met a candystriper I couldnt indian wrestle to at least a draw.


the offertory.


the reason I dont care for my ears.


care bears sloshing in my commode. exterminator quote and a rubber band gun.


skin graft of grass.


negro shaped.


caucasian ingredients.


kind of manly for a candystriper of the twelfth degree, arentcha?


encountering problems.

          how to fold a squid properly.

          the boss is combing over. your choice is a miser or a wimp.


wimp fisted.


warp tunneling.


vagrant waivers. wafers. flag foosball team captain.

          are you gonna throw that bowl of cereal? the kick for eight dollars.


Mike Wallace is driving up.


Mike Wallace's daughter is throwing up rum.


I take full dispensibility.


Morley Safer's schtick. is not winning any awards anymore.


my, you're flexible for a pig.



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