pulp election

If the precipitation lines formed by two adjacent wells merge smoothly, the antibody is binding identical antigenic determinants (epitopes) in both wells: this is called identity.

11th Hour Immunology: Ouchterlony Blackwell Science


Pulp election



intense feelings of inadequacy related to inadequacy.



i'm calling because one of your tenants apparently has a dog. i'm not sure what kind of a dog. it's a barking dog.

i'd like to think this is taken care of.



oh man.

real live turd. garbanzo bean paste rejection.



duck’s breath and a couple of dozen long-stemmed sequoias.

gossamer is a goose’s pubic feathers.



during and following the highlight of the day, the morning constitutional, several questions will be asked about our relationship.



an azimuth in a basement. not thought possible. not a possible thought.

laying eggs between a rock and a harmed place.


the question was, “do you want to quit disk defragmenter?” and my answer was yes... yes, I do.



shampoos do contain ingredients which can interpolate my integument on a daily basis. the gubment wont say such in so many words. i will it to be or not to be.

meet me at the gravel pit and bring your styrofoam floatation device. we’ll turn that smile upside down.



the azimuth.


the man in your door.



i felt that the cucumber’s performance was rather lackluster.



i cant trust her to have her own chest of drawers.



thomasville furniture finished with disinfectant.



dont you dare call my child flame retardant.



the city wont produce an easement for me to stuff crinkle fries out the sliding-glass doors across the county line as a sort of bee barrier to prevent colonization. a wee children daycare barrier, rathuh. plates of ‘sketti stacked high and juxtaposed with teeter totters which break shy girls’ arms like unchewed toothpicks.

you no drink milk products? your arm contains chalk deposits. i am always near you.

i cannot constrain my epiglottis. my femur wants to get all up in your face.


this sieve is conducive, I find, to blinding road motorists.


the birth of mediocrity.

smiling while driving listening to Foreigner's Double Bogie LP.


flat hairdo.


the messenger will be coated with intumescent PyroGard 5 in preparation for hyakutake's arrival.

introducing a solvent made from soybean farmers, who were in an overabundance.


dance of the european soybean farmer. “ohhh so disgruntle-ing.”

tell it to the king bee.


frisbee-toss originated in the Indus River Valley. so did the plow, unicorns, and a-body’s awesome funk.

the same frisbee is being tossed today. hippopotamus in the briny surf off of Africa. easier for a cow to give birth to a sow in buoyancy than to fly kites in the faces of expatriot waiters who have already wasted an entire pad of to-go tickets.

most everything has a habit of wrinkling which we are busy breaking.



he’s a freewheeling gearshift!


she’s a total surprise.



what’s cajun about it?


i didnt expect cucumbers would associate with pickles.

the standard poodle named Gilbert is a dilly.


is there anyplace around here?


drippy is not the word for it, Franklin.


conniving juicer of grapes, peel away your clothes blithely.

my arent we lively tonight.

the hippopotamus vomits lowenbrau. wipe your lips with my outlet store tie.


the history of plums.


the history of those plums I bought, over the past 24-hours.


dont call it a fragaria!


Jesus was not conceived in a sieve. available for parties.


gosammer goose -- noun transitive. outlet.


Godsieve. opening act the gary condit experience with chandra levy performing selections from their sumash hit debut Songs Osama Taught Us.

pulp elections. the lesser of two greasy spoons on the menu.

people for the american weight.


outlet mall.


non-invasive therapy. a caring environment. the messenger was covered with leaf blotch.



Jesus cares. every so often Jesus stops to smell his hair or the garbage heaps. landfill, fulfillment of a dream.

four more Fobs.


a filling meal.

dryer lint.


where it starts, your wide forehead.






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