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  • 2xExplorer  2xExplorer is a lightweight yet powerful, fully shell integrated dual-pane explorer replacement, focusing on usability for increased
productivity and minimum frustration for everyday file management tasks. The latest version of 2xExplorer introduces seamless handling of ZIP archive files for Windows XP (and ME/2000) users. They are opened as regular folders and the majority of file management commands are supported, including synchronization. Other non-XP users will benefit from a few new commands (e.g. file shreding & touching) and patches.
  •    Windows Explorer Replacement.   (357 Kb)   Win All.   Freeware.

  • AdAware 5.83.  Ad-aware scans your memory, Registry, and hard drives for software components from Alexa (through 5.0), Aureate (1.0, 2.0, and 3.0), Comet Cursor (through 3.0), Cydoor, Doubleclick, DSSAgent,EzUla, Expedioware, EverAd, Flyswat, Gator, Gratisware, HotBar, OnFlow, TimeSink (through 5.0), Transponder, Web3000, Webhancer, and more. Ad-aware then displays a list of detected spyware modules, Registry keys, files, and folders, and allows you to remove them from your system selectively. 
  •    Seek out and Remove Spyware.   (834 Kb)   Windows 95/98/NT/2000.   Freeware.

  • Add/Remove Pro 2.06.  Displays the entries in the Add/Remove Programs list. of Windows Registry, checks if each is valid, and uninstalls the selected program or removes the entry from the list.
  •    Displays the entries in the Add/Remove Programs List.   (346 Kb)   Freeware.

  • BCWipe 2.37.
  •   BCWipe is designed to securely delete files from your hard drive. Standard file deletion leaves the contents of the 'deleted' file on your disk. Unless it has been overwritten by files subsequently saved, it can be recovered using standard disk utilities. Working quickly and integrated with Windows Shell, BCWipe shreds data in files so that they can not be recovered by any means   Securely deletes files from your hard drive.   (537 Kb)   Freeware.   Website

  • BFC Crypter 1.3.
  •   Today, passing of files through Internet is not safe, even by e-mail. The common solution is to encrypt the file and send it as encrypted. But, not every encryption is satisfactory. The ideal is to create an encryption that is easy to follow, but hard to decrypt. BFC Crypter enables over 16000 different encryption dictionaries, based on one single method.The hacker might get the encrypted data, but it will take him/her all his/her life to decrypt it back, even with the use of a computer. Now BFC Crypter also provides password-protection.   Easily encrypt your files.   (634 Kb)   Freeware.   Win All   Website.

  • CookieCop 2.
  •  Whenever you browse the internet, information about you and your surfing habits is being monitored and collected. Cookies are just one of the techniques used to surreptitiously harvest data that you may have thought was confidential. CookieCop 2, an update to our previous CookieCop and CookieCop Plus utilities, works in conjunction with most browsers, and offers a broad array of tools to help you protect your privacy.
   Offers a broad array of tools to help you protect your privacy.   (1.51 Mb)   Freeware.

  • ClnSysDr 1.7.  Over time the Windows system directory can become cluttered-up with unused DLL's (program libraries) which waste disk space and slow the system down.The more files there are in your system directory the longer the system takes to locate a file there.This program scans your system looking for all references to DLL files in your Windows system directory.Those DLL files in the msystem directory that have no programs calling on them can be
moved out of the system directory,saving disk space and improving system performance.
   Cleans your Windows System "Unused" dlls.   (71 Kb)
  •    Freeware.

  • Cookie Wall 1.0  Protect your privacy online by controlling which cookies are allowed to stay and which ones go.   Cookie Blocker.   (185 Kb)  
  •    Freeware.

  • Crazy Browser 1.0.5.
  •   Crazy Browser is a powerful Web browser. It has the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task. It also has a Smart Popup Filter - it blocks all the annoying popups automatically!This has full support for Windows XP Theme and P3P privacy policy and JavaScript errorsuppression.... It can handle multiple monitors and has tab status indicators. Annoying ad windows can be removed automatically and multiple pages can be saved and reopened together. Crazy Browser comes with many preconfigured search engines, but you can extend it to use your own.
  Has Features that Make Surfing the Web More Comfortable and Less Confusing.   (673 Kb)   Freeware.

  • EndItAll2.
  •   Install utilities often tell you to shut down all other tasks before running the install. There are also programs that demand so much computing power that any concurrently running tasks will adversely affect their performance. On today's powerful systems, you easily can have a dozen or more programs loaded at any given time. Shutting them down manually is tedious and time-consuming.EndItAll 2, lists all the programs running on your system and lets you decide which ones to close down. The processes necessary for basic system operation are protected from termination, though.
   Lists all the Programs Running on your System and Lets you Decide Which Ones to Close Down.   (745 Kb)   Freeware.

  • ePrompter2. ePrompter2 is a free email retrieval and notification utility that automatically checks up to sixteen password protected email accounts for AOL , AltaVista, Earthlink, Email.com, Go.com, Hotmail, Juno, Lycos, Mail.com, Mindspring, MSN, Netscape, OneBox, POP3, Rediffmail, USA, Yahoo and hundreds of other email domains - all at the same time.
  •    Free Email Retrieval and Notification Utility.   Windows 98/ME/NT/2000   Freeware.

  • GlowPass 1.0.
  •   Another Simple See behind the Asterisks Program.   "See" behind the Asterisks Program.   (4.91 Kb. )   Freeware.

  • IEradicator 2001.   IEradicator uses the Windows setup engine to surgically remove Internet Explorer, versions 3.0 through 6, from many versions of Windows (Windows 95/98/Me). The removal of Internet Explorer is safe, and you can reinstall Internet Explorer if you choose.
   Completely Removes Internet Explorer from your System.   (101 Kb )
  •    Freeware.

  • InCtrl5.By monitoring the changes made to your system when you install new software, it enables you to troubleshoot any unexpected problems that come up. Virtually every modern program uses an install utility that installs or updates files, and also may record data in the Registry, and update INI files or other essential text files. A companion uninstall utility should precisely reverse the effects of the install utility. When a newly installed program causes existing applications to fail, or when the supplied uninstall utility can't complete its task, to restore your system you need a record of exactly what the original install utility did. InCtrl5 can provide this record. Use with UndoReg.   Monitors Changes by Install Programs.   (818 Kb)
  •    Windows 95/98/NT/2000   Freeware.

  • IPClip 1.1.
  •    IPClip resides as an Icon in the System Tray and Shows your Current IP Address when you Point your Cursor There.It Updates Dynamically as the Address Changes.IPClip is also able to Copy the IP Address to the Clipboard.   Shows your Current IP Address.   (262 Kb)   Freeware.

  • JV PowerTools 1.6. Cleans the Windows's Add/Remove software list.Uninstalls software.Scans the registry for invalid and obsolete registry entries.Removes leftover registry entries.Controls which program starts automatically with the computer. Access the registry of a remote computer
   Great Set of Registry Power Tools.   (1.21 Mb)
  •    Win 98/ME/NT/2000   Freeware.

  • Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.4. Kerio Personal Firewall (KPF) is a software agent that builds a barrier between your personal computer and the Internet. KPF is designed to protect your PC against attacks from both the Internet, and other computers in the local network.KPF controls all data flow in both directions  from the Internet to your computer and vice versa, and it can block all attempted communication allowing only what you choose to permit. This makes KPF an ideal solution for notebook computers that freely travel in and out of the corporate network, facing exposure to various risks as they connect from different locations.Kerio Personal Firewall protects against:information theft, modification or destruction
Trojan horse applications,spyware,unauthorized access from within the local network,denial of service attacks to applications or services.
  •    Great Personal Firewall.   Win All.   (2.1 Mb)   Freeware.

  • Naviscope 8.70. Naviscope achieves acceleration through five advanced techniques: prefetching, DNS resolution caching, persistent connections, MTU/RWIN optimizations and advertisement blocking. In addition to blocking ads, Naviscope can also block cookies, backgrounds, blinking text, Javascript, and sounds.  Powerful Web Accelerator and Complete Package of Internet Tools.   (615 Kb)
  •    Freeware.

  • Opera Tweak 2.1.600.
  •   This program is intended to modify some features of Opera Web Browser, that you normally cannot modify by the preferences menu. Doing this Without OperaTweak is easy do for power users, but takes some time, and at the chances of a mistake. With OperaTweak its only a matter of Click and Select, and most mistakes conditions are tested, for a better safety.  Tweaks your Opera Browser Settings.   Freeware      Opera 5.

  • PopUp DUN 1.2.
  •   Shows a popup Menu with DUN Entries.After a selected dialup choice, right click on the progress panel for the pop-up menu.After a seleted dialup choice, select a checked menu choice to close connection.
  Popup Menu with DUN Entries.   (141 Kb)    Freeware.

  • QSort 1.0 e.  Alphabetically Sorts Out your Internet Favorites and Start Up Menus  Sorts Out your Favorites and Start Up Menus.   (376 Kb)
  •    Freeware.

  • RegCleaner 4.3 780.   With RegCleaner you can easily get rid of those old and obsolete Registry entries created by software that you destroyed ages ago.  Cleans your Registry of Unneeded Entries.   ( 507 Kb)
  •    Freeware.

  • RegDetective 1.0. If you need to search the Windows Registry, Registry Detective can make the job a lot easier. Windows provides a Registry Editor (RegEdit) for locating and changing data, but its search facility is slow and limited. Registry Detective, a read-only registry search facility that works in conjunction with RegEdit, provides an alternative. You can specify multiple search criteria, search only specific portions of the registry, view all hits at once, examine detailed information for each hit, and then launch RegEdit with the hit selected so you can make changes.   Enjoy Fast,Flexible Registry Searches.   (595 Kb )
  •    Windows 95/98/NT/2000    Freeware.

  • Revelation 2.0.   This program lets you see behind the Asterisks.   "See" behind the Asterisks.   (213 Kb. )
  •    Freeware.

  • Sygate Personal Firewall 5.0.117. Sygate Personal Firewall is a bi-directional intrusion-defense system for your personal computer. It ensures that your computer is protected from hackers and other intruders while preventing unauthorized programs on your computer from accessing the network. Sygate Personal Firewall makes machines invisible to the outside world.
  •    Intrusion-Defense System.   (4.6 Mb)   Win All.    Freeware.   Website.

  • Tiny Personal Firewall 2.015A. TPF is a powerful and free utility designed to protect home cable and DSL connections. TPF provides multi-layer security protection in controlling which applications are allowed to transmit and receive data, MD5 Signature Support to ensure that Trojan horse applications cannot communicate.   Personal Firewall.   (1.31 Mb)
  •    Freeware

  • The Ultimate Boot Disk for Windows 95/98. The fast and Easy way to install, troubleshoot and fix Windows. The UBD offers:Virus Scan Option Restoration of System Files Rapid Windows Installs Identification of PC Hardware
Windows CD file extraction Startup Troubleshooter Clone Drives or Partitions Registry File Reducer.
  •      (843 Kb)    (Freeware)      Windows ME.

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