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It's Time to Buy or Refinance!

With mortgage rates now within shouting distance of 30 year lows, now is the time to consider buying a home or refinancing your existing mortgage.

*Buying a Home
If your considering buying a home you should get pre-qualified for a mortgage before looking. This can help you decide what home price would be most affordable and being pre-qualified can help with the negotiation to purchase a home.


Refinancing for a lower rate and term may offer significant monthly savings especially if you consolidate other monthly debts such as credit cards or 2nd mortgages.
Also consider refinancing to use the equity in your home for home improvements college tuition or to buy a new car.

Don't wait for rates to go lower.
The biggest mistake made is trying to time the mortgage rate market. It's similar to trying to time the stock market and we know how difficult that is.
Rates will not stay low forever so the best way to get a low rate is to submit your loan application so that you can take advantage of rates when they are close to the bottom.

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Low Rates Give You More Reason to Refinance

Mortgage rates fall to new lows as the Federal Reserve has added cash to the financial system to boost the economy. Take a look if you havenít refinanced recently -- and even if you have.

Because rates have dropped so much in such a short period, some consumers who refinanced recently may benefit from refinancing again, especially if they plan to stay in their homes for a long time or can save enough to pay off their refinancing fees with their monthly cost savings. - Read more

Do yourself a favor this tax season - apply for a Home Equity Line of Credit with itís potential tax deductible feature

North Atlantic offers one of the best Home Equity Lines of Credit available today!

A Home Equity Line of Credit is a revolving line of credit secured by the home. It enables you to decide how much you want to borrow and when. Line amounts range from $10,000 to $500,000. Key features and benefits include:

*         Rates as low as prime

*         No closing costs available *

*         Interest may be tax deductible *

*         Line amounts can be drawn, repaid and reused

*         Flexibility with access to funds when needed via check writing

*         Option to pay only interest for the first 10 years

You need to use money that is locked inside your home for Home improvement

*         Whirlpool in the bathroom

*         Wine cellar

*         New additions ( For that 500 square foot workout room and gym you have always wanted)

*         New playroom/ kitchen

Fund education

*         Private school tuition

*         College tuition

Debt Consolidation

*         High rate installment loans

*         Credit card balances

*         Auto Loans

Purchase Auto

Dream Vacation

Text Box: Mortgage Rates Drop Again
Refinance your existing properties today and buy more properties tomorrow
Cash out programs available to make home improvements
No income check mortgages are great for self employed individuals
Debt consolidation to lower your high % loan  payments & save money
Lower interest rates mean that you can buy a larger home and have a lower monthly payment.  Itís a fact that daily changes in the markets can reverse the downward trend without notice.  So, if your thinking of refinancing or buying, you should do it now!  

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     Did you know about the mortgage interest deduction that can save you thousands of dollars in tax payments?  Property owners may also be able to take some less-familiar deductions, as well:
Late payment charges
penalties for early loan payoff
Interest on loans taken out to buy stock in a cooperative housing corporation
Mortgage interest paid at the settlement table
     Since most tax deductions come with restrictions, be sure to consult your tax professional to ensure these deductions apply to your particular situation.