Person working as a press photographer and photo editor to be patient,you are about to step into a creative Malaysian photographer and digital photo illustrator Ricky Heng's home page.The photographer who combined the knowledge of graphic design in demonstration bold and innovative use of colours in solving boring and simple assignment.

Please be relax and put aside your camera bag while waiting for the loading of Ricky's action pack news & artistic feature photography.

"BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY" is a series of digital photo illustration from the year of 1993 until to-date.A series of photo retouching & super impose images by using the ADOBE PHOTOSHOP in handling the Malaysia,Sun Magazine cover & feature assignment. More then 77 master pieces of Ricky's digital photo illustration which includes caption on how Ricky handle & create his boring & simple assignments for The Sun Magazine cover !. This series had change into a new name,Ricky Heng, the digital photo illustrator.

Pictures in digital photo illustration was copyrighted by The Sun.


"ASSIGNMENT" is a series of hard news photography taken starting from the year of 1993 until to-date in The Sun daily,a series where you will find Ricky trying out all kind of crazy ideas to create interesting composition,mood & technics on the spot to bring out the impact out off boring and simple assignments.Over 70 pictures in this series with caption on how Ricky handling his news assignment with a different angle to scup others local news paper.

Pictures in Assignment was copyrighted by The Sun.


"HANGING SWALLOW" is a wildlife series of swallow habitat.They migrated from other part of the world according to season and weather which they stop at cheras,Kuala Lumpur,just hang around the lam pose near Ricky's resident. A total of 8 pictures was in this series with caption on how Ricky avoiding bird shit during exposing his master peace.

Pictures in Hanging swallow was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.


"THE WILDLIFE IN THE JUNGLE OF IRON" is a series of pictures taken in the National Zoo using 1000mm mirror lens in capturing wildlife in close up to show details of some of the selected animal.A total of 30 pictures was in this series with caption on how Ricky wasting many hours for the right moment to get wildlife look pictures.

Pictures in Wild life in the jungle of iron was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.


"THE SURVIVING CHINESE OPERA" was taken in 1993.A series of black & white photography on the daily life of the Chinese opera artists who had performed 4 days during the festival of the hungry ghost in Kuala Lumpur.A total of 60 pictures which was taken & proses in black & white by Ricky himself with caption on how Ricky enjoying this spiritual & artistic moment during the festival.

"THE SURVIVING CHINESE OPERA" was also taken in colour slide to express the vividness colour of chinese opera.A total of 40 pictures with caption were in this series.

Picture in The surviving chinese opera was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.

"YESTERDAY" is a early series of black & white pictures taken in 1992 with 6 x 6 medium format camera and proses & printed by Ricky himself in his dark room. A series where Ricky captured in the design of the prewar building blended with modal and people in the street.A total of 20 pictures was in this series with caption expressing the nostalgia mood and simplicity of black and white combined with the element of shape,form,line and texture.

Picture in Yesterday was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.


"TRENGGANU,THE HEAVEN FRONTIER" is a series of pictures taken in Trengganu in 1994 where people,wildlife & nature living harmony in the undeveloped east cost of Malaysia.A total of 30 pictures in this series with caption on how Ricky describe his holiday spend in the heaven frontier exposing his slide under the sun on the humber west cost people,wild wife and beautiful landscape.

Pictures in Trengganu was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.


HISTORICAL MELAKA" was a colourful series of pictures taken in street of melaka which was the oldest history down in Malaysia.A total of 10 pictures with caption on how Ricky walk trough St. Paul church in a day trip and took some powerful shoot in Melaka.

Pictures in Melaka was copyrighted by Ricky Heng.


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