Rick Victorand the Victones!

Rick Victor (photo 1976)
...Master of many skills.

Music from the heart, for your soul!  Rick Victor is one of America's last GREAT lounge singers.  Victor proves that you do not need to be a song-writer or even a good singer to be an artist.   Backed by the unique group, the Victones, Rick Victor will blow your mind with his shear energy and puncuality.


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July 9  Mountville, PA
Mountville Inn.  Rick shares the night with Slim Fit.  Show starts 9pm.   61 E Main St (717) 285-9907

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Some of the Victones in action.


If you want real entertainmnet, let me dance and sing now!

Rick Victor was born in a small suburb of Scranton
Pennsylvania to Daria and Gladice Victor, both Eastern
European immigrants.  Soon after birth, Rick began
entertaining his parents by imitating what he heard on
the radio and television.  When he was only three
years old, he played the role of a monkey in the
Wizard of Oz when the St. Hubbins Church performed the
saga in 1957.  By age 8 he was singing with the now
famous "Joy to be Alive" gospel singers, who toured
all the way from Nanticoke to Carbondale and
everywhere in between.

At age 12, he turned his back on gospel music and
formed the infamous psychedelic rock band "Loaded
Britches" and they toured most of the Wyoming Valley.
Bands such as Jefferson Airplane have been known to
claim that the Loaded Britches song "Technicolor
Pierogy Blues" was a major influence.

The members of Loaded Britches remained a band
throughout the latter half of the 60s and the early
part of the 70s.  They band became widely known for
their love of experimentation with nearly every aspect
of their personal and musical lives.  They
experimented with different musical instruments,
Eastern philosophy, drugs, lacrosse, sexuality, and,
most of all, name changes.  After Loaded Britches,
they became "Anthracite Chowder", then "Goat Sushi",
then back to "Loaded Britches", before the band faded
out after Rick lost his spleen in a motorcyle jousting

Being a ground-breakeing musician, Rick refocused his
energy after the accident and studied the musical
trends of the mid 1970s.  He formed the disco band
"Lead Hunk" in 1977, and even scored a hit with his
rendition of the old Martin Gumbo song "Daddy was a
Door Knob" which went to number 117 on the greater
Scranton area radio review list of waltz songs in 4/4

In the 80's Victor joined forces with the electric
punk band "Donkey Pilot."  This band was generally
hated by critics by today retains a strong underground
following, especially in the Throop area.

After seven tumultuous years with Donkey Pilot, the
band broke up due to what Rick has called "a failure
of the other band members to appreciate a true

After a year "finding himself" while living in an
abandoned coal breaker, Rick emerged in the fall of
1989 and began to form the band that he still performs
with today - "Rick Victor and the Victones".  Finally,
with the Victones, Rick has gained the creative
control that he has always wanted and deserved.

Today, Rick Victor lives in Scranton PA occasionally
spending time with his 4 ex-wives and 17 children.
Rick still performs with the Victones, although his
bad back has limited the number, although not the
intensity, of his performances.

His performances are truly amazing - a rare blend of
thrusting rhythm with bland ballads.  If you ever have
the opportunity to see Rick Victor perform, don't pass
it up.  It will be something you will never forget.

For booking:  Email Rick Victor   ricvictor@yahoo.com