The Rhode Island Dragon Boat Club was formed in 2002.  We are preparing for our inaugural season of paddling.  If you're interested in joining us (we welcome EVERYONE) please e-mail us at RIDBCdragonboat@cs.com

There is no strings attached, no membership fee involved.  If you want to paddle a 40 foot Dragon Boat with 20 other people in your boat, then sign up and come join us at a practice. 


-Grey Owl Paddles are up for order (approx. $25 each)

-The weather's getting warmer, the season's getting closer.  Please check back frequently for the start of the season.  All registered members will be receiving an e-mail shortly detailing the season and vital team information.

-If you haven't been receiving any e-mails, re-register!!!  Hope to see you on the water soon.


Practice - Place and Time

Practices will be held on the Blackstone River in Pawtucket RI. 

Practices will start in late March early April.  All team members will be notified via e-mail and can check back at this site for updated information!

(Projected practice times will be 9:00 am on Saturday mornings)

Registered Team Members

  If your name should be here and it isn't, please e-mail us ASAP at


Please continue to recruit your friends and feel free to bring them to practice when they start!

1.  Mark W.                     1.  Daisy L.

2.  Brian L.                     2.  Katie B.

3.  Ed Sirya                     3.  Li Lei

4,  Chris Hig.                   4.  Xay M.

5.  Andy Hig.                    5.  Link

6.  Mr Hig.                       6.

7.  Mr. Fols.

8.  Chris P.

9.  Pu-Wei H.

10. Peter

11. Jimmy T.


Dragon Boats are fairly large, about 40 feet in length with 20 paddlers sitting side by side.  The boat is split up into 3 sections of paddlers

Strokers- Rows (1-3)these paddlers are responsible for dictating the stroke pace and length for all 18 paddlers behind them, so it is important that they are strong and have good endurance because the "water" at the front of the boat is the "heaviest" and therefore the most difficult to pull your paddle through.

Engine Room-Rows (4-6) - The name speaks for itself, this is the heart of the boat.  In recreational boats like ours, the strongest and biggest paddlers will be seated in this section. 

Rear - Rows(7-10) - In recreational boats, the weaker paddlers will be seated here.  The "water" is the "lightest" and easiest to pull the paddle through.  In experience race boats, the most experienced paddlers will be here since these seats require a "longer" stroke than any other seat on the boat.  The water runs by extremely quickly and you have to stretch your body out to the fullest in order to contribute to the paddling. 

There are two more positions that are vital to the success of the boat and they are the steer person and drummer.  The steer person should be experienced and has the responsibility of keeping the boat in line.  Inexperienced steer people can lose a race for you if you "snake" your way through the course. 


Dragon Boat Festival goes back around 2,000 years. Ou Yuan was a court minister and poet banished from the court by the emperor who disliked him. Distraught, Ou Yuan eventually drowned himself in the river. Local fisherman rushed out to save him, but to no avail. He was well liked by the people of the villages. To prevent the fish from feeding on Ou Yuan’s body, the fisherman beat the water with their paddles. When they were unable to recover his body, they threw silk wrapped rice dumplings as an offering of sacrifice.

In the festival’s of today, there are many various traditions that are still carried each and every year. The rice is wrapped in lotus leaves, what many Chinese know as “zhong”