Southeast Louisiana

   Southeast Louisiana has become one of my favorite riding areas. It is beautiful. It exhibits Southern attributes in many categories. From stately plantation to pineywoods cottage, the homes tell the story of the occupants. From the shores of Lake Pontchartrain are reflections of New Orleans.  Further inland cottages of the farming communities and their historical central towns define the area. Further into the hills, lumber is the name of the game and the homes and adornments reflect that.
    Roaming these three worlds of the Southeast always offers up something of interest. My daughter lives there and this affords me the opportunity to centrally base and pursue the mysteries and adventure lurking around every corner. Below was my first impression. Wow! These roads are great. Of course this was just a first impression. This article has been rewritten to reflect and exhibit what I have found along the way.
   Now the other way. Who says Louisiana has bad roads. Wash yo mouth!
  Let's slow it down before we get too excited.
Lanes everywhere and with a GPS you can see if they don't dead end.  20 miles down this road and oops "dead end" sign.
  This is really my preferred riding. I love riding down these sometimes gravel roads and seeing the unspoiled.
   You get to see the forest and the swamps and the animals that live in and around them. Just be careful of that log truck coming around that bend at 60. Yes, nothing is perfect. But, close counts.
Now, down these roads there are things to see.