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The Ride for the Rainforest is a trip to bring attention to the plight of the South American rainforest.  Global Awareness Institute, a not-for-profit organization based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, supports a research center and a 75-acre preserve near Iquitos, Peru.  GAI seeks to bring responsible sustainable development to the region.  THE RIDE is an attempt to raise awareness of the central role that sustainable development will play in saving the forest for future generations.

To support its projects in the rainforest, GAI will organize and lead ten motorcycles on a 3,000-mile, unparalleled adventure through the Atacama Desert, the driest landmass on earth. To qualify for The Ride, each motorcycle must generate a $5,000 contribution to GAIís projects in the Peruvian Amazon.  The journey will be documented in a book and film documentary that will highlight some of the many bizarre adventures that are bound to occur on this first ever Ride for The Rainforest. 

Projected dates for The Ride are July 24-August 13, 2005.

Media are invited to tour the site and learn more.

Sponsors are needed.

Individual sponsors can pledge to pay ___ cents a mile (2,000 miles = $20) or they can make advanced support.

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Looking For Mr. Guevara
by Barbara Brodman
A motorcycle journey through South America
       A thrill-a-minute adventure that takes you motorcycling over the Andes; trekking through desert, mountains and jungle; rafting through class six rapids; and rowing the Amazon.
       In 1997, Barbara Brodman became the first person, and only woman, to retrace Che Guevara's legendary 1952 journey through South America. Her online diaries of that journey allowed thousands to share her adventures and insights as they happened.
Looking For Mr. Guevara expands upon those diaries: with only two months experience on a motorcycle Brodman miraculously makes her way through Argentina, over the Andes, and to Santiago in mid-winter; as an inexperienced rafter she joins an extreme rafting expedition and bungles her way into breaking records on the treacherous Apurimac River; she abandons a sinking riverboat on the Amazon and rows 600 km to Brazil in a dugout canoe. With wit and endurance Brodman strives to capture the essence of Guevara as he was in life, particularly as a young man, and as he might have been had he survived the Cold War and evolved into a 21st century revolutionary. On his journey, Guevara discovered his destiny; Brodman does the same.
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