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Gary Moore - any shows not listed
Thin Lizzy - anything not listed
Grand Slam - any recordings not on my list
Phil Lynott - any related recordings not listed
Whitesnake -any shows not listed
Blue Murder/John Sykes - any shows not listed
BBM - any shows not listed
Greg Lake - 1981 live recordings
Colosseum II- any recordings not listed
Robert Plant - 1999 tours and later
TNT - any recordings not listed
MarMarillion - any shows not listed
Fish -any shows not lsited
Seasick Steve




Specific Live Shows I Am Looking For:

Gary Moore:

1973 Bogart's,Birmingham,England(as Gary Moore Blues Band)
1983 Playhouse,Edinburgh january 12th
1984 Castle Donington (FM broadcast 52 min)
1985 Tivoli, Strasbourg nov 13th
1985 Le Zenith Paris nov 14th
1985 Palais d'hiver, Lyon december 7th
1985 Palais Des Grottes, Cambrai, France december 9th
1987 NEC, Birmingham march 28th
1987 Hammersmith Odeon april 1st(full set audience recording)
1987 U.K.K. Hall ,Helsinki,Finland april 27th
1987 Palacio Deportes,Barcelona may 7th
1989 NEC Birmingham march 1st(soundcheck)
1989 Stadionsporthalle, Hannover april 1st
1989 Stadthalle,Vienna,Austria may 19th (replacement of damaged discs)
1989 Hammersmith Odeon,London may 23rd 1989
1990 St Davids Hall,Cardiff may 6th
1990 Manchester Apollo may 8 th
1990 Olympiahalle, Munich may 16th
1990 LiederhalleStuttgart may 18th
1990 Stadthalle Osnabrueck may 22nd
1990 Hamburg may 29th
1990 Sporthalle,Cologne june 5th
1990 City Hall,Newcastle june 10th
1990 Midtfynsfestivalen,Denmark july 27th (10 min TV)
1990 Radrennbahn Weissensee, East -Berlin august 26th
1990 Grugahalle Essen august 28th
1992 Royal Albert Hall,London october 4th
1992 Royal Albert Hall,London october 5th

1997 Romsdalsmuseet,Molde Jazz Festival,Molde,Norway july 19th
1997 Capitol, Hannover september 27th
1997 Capitol, Mannheim october 3rd
1997 E-Werk, Cologne october 4th
1997 Vega, Copenhagen october 12th
1999 Skanderborg,Denmark august 5th
2001 Stadtpark,Hamburg june 22nd
2001 Tollwood,Munchen,Germany june 25th
2001 Bluesrock Festival,Tegelen,Holland september 1st
2001 Oosterpoort,Gröningen,Holland september 2nd
2002 Copenhagen october 7th(replacement of damaged disc)
2007 Waterfront Hall, Belfast april 2nd
2007 Vicar Street,Dublin,Ireland april 3rd

1994 Midtfynsfestivalen,Denmark june 25th

2006 Hamar,Norway august 31st

Grand Slam
The Marquee London july 19th 1984(including Dear Miss Lonely Hearts)

Greg Lake:
1981 Dunstable october 12th
1981 Cardiff october 16th
1981 Hammersmith Odeon october 30th(audience recording)

Thin Lizzy:

1976 City Hall,Newcastle,England november 1st (including The Rocker)
1976 Hammersmith Odeon november 15th(soundboard)
1977 Tower Theatre,Philadelphia november 20/21(full show FM - lossless version)
1979 Winter Gardens Bournemouth april 9th
1981 Cardiff december 11th(105 min)
1983 Royal Dublin Society,Dublin,Ireland april 10th
1983 Johanneshov Isstadion,Stockholm,Sweden april 30th 1983
(including The Cowboy Song & The Boys Are Back In Town)

Whitesnake(replacement of lossy shows)
1979 Portsmouth october 11th 1979
1980 Tokyo april 14th
1981 Offenbach april 30th
1982 Birmingham december 29th
1983 Copenhagen january 16th
1983 Sapporo february 7th
1983 Cascais august 28th
1984 Edinburgh february 29th
1984 Sapporo august 16th
1984 San Diego september 28th
1985 Rio de Janeiro january 11th
1987 Hartford august 18th
1987 Montreal october 27th

1988 New York january 22nd
1988 Chicago february 11th
1988 Knocksville march 12th
1988 Tokyo june 15th
1990 Montreal june 16th
1990 San Sebastian august 12th
1990 Dortmund august 25th
1990 Utrecht august 26th
1990 Tokyo september 26th
1994 Paris july 5th
1997 Fukoka september 14th
1997 Berlin october 18th
1997 Offenbach october 20th
1997 Fürth october 21st
1997 Vienna october 28th

1997 Katowitce october 30th
1997 Prague november 1st
1997 Helsinki november 9th

1997 Moscow november 16th
1997 Newport november 27th
1997 Rio de Janeiro december 9th

1997 Buenos Aires december 13th

2008 Buenos Aires may 14th(FM)