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  Salaam...hi everybody,

Welcome to my site.  I made this during my vacant times in office, I don't want to be idle for a long period of time, I feel bored, hence I decided to make a website and here it is.  Actually, this is not my first time to make one, I made several homepages already few years back since one of my favorite hobbies is building a homepage.  I like it because it enhances my creativity and artistic ability.  I know this is not a perfect one but at least  I tried to make it to the very best I can.                                                                    

     The previous sites I made were very personal, (you can view it by clicking the links in the right bar below) this one is different, here you can read many articles about women, relationship, marriage, religion, child rearing, personality, etc.,  I also include some news headlines update about World's Top Stories.  Moreover, I put a search bar above so that it will be easy for everybody to search the web while surfing my page

    Thanks for visiting!

                                                                      By: Rieaane








My Hubby is the Greatest...   ReviewMy Inspiration...   Personal Interest...
                   Get to know with my hubby, the love of my life.  The beloved father of my son Azhfaar.  We got married on 15th day of July 2000.  Thanks Allah, until now our relationship went on smoothly, of course there were some slight problem as every couples did but with the help of the Almighty, we did not experience....more   This is my son Azhfaar, our first child.  He was born last June 21, 2004. He is my inspiration, he is the air that I breath now, before it was his father's....more   Born with passion for arts and humanities, I engaged most of my vacant times in improving my skills in various fields of arts such as painting...more
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One of my hobbies are collecting recipes and cooking.  I enjoyed experimenting and trying to mix the ingredients in different way.  I got this idea from my Hubby. Sometimes he have passion for cooking too and he likes to mix different ingredients in unique way...view recipes   Click here to view some of my pictures.  I also included some pictures of my family and in-laws. However, if you want to view our latest pics, then click this.  

This is where I jotted down all the significant things that happened in my day to day life...I keep on updating it regularly. 

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