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Places in Waterdeep

Waterdeep is a home to both the rich and the poor, the good and the evil. It is a city that is the sum of its parts, and can best be described as the "Cultural Mosaic" of the Forgotten Realms.

Below are the Wards and its special features that make it a unique and very special place.

Castle Ward
Home to most of Waterdeep's administrative buildings and buildings of state. This first ward of the city is the heart of power in Waterdeep.
Sea Ward
Sea Ward is the wealthiest ward of the city and is home to most of Waterdeep's noble families.
North Ward
North Ward is the quietest ward of the city. This district is home to most of Waterdeep's wealthier middle classes and lesser noble families.
Trades Ward
Of all the wards in Waterdeep, this ward has the least community feel as it has entirely been given over to commerce.
Southern Ward
Many of the common folk of Waterdeep dwell in Southern Ward. This homely, friendly, busy and largely poor area is the forgotten ward of Waterdeep.
Dock Ward
Perhaps the most notorious and colorful of the wards of Waterdeep, Dock Ward is known to thousands all over Faerun from traveler's tales
City of the Dead
This is the final resting place of all of Waterdeep's dead. The citizens also use the City of the Dead as a place of meeting both clandestine and otherwise.
Known as the largest dungeon in the realms to some, and the largest mass grave to others, the lure of Undermountain brings adventurers from clear across the realms to test their mettle and resolve and gain vast riches while exploring it.
Skullport is as to the night as Waterdeep is to the day. A dangerous and foreboding place hidden under the streets of Waterdeep where a good sword arm is as much a necessity as guile.

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