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The idea behind the site is to portray Rosario and it's beauty while bringing a bit of reality and lots of useful facts about it. This page will be a constant work in progress and the're will always be something new. Updates are going to be made as time allows thus I won't follow a particular timeline or schedule.

Below are the first two areas of the city I will cover at this time. Be sure to download any image you would like watch again as I am running on a limited space server. More pictures means more space and more bandwidth which I currently don't have, so I am forced to eliminate older content in order to add newer one.

Btw... I'm an electronics technician working in audio... not a professional touristic guide or expert so... Bear wth me!

Ok, now we can begin our guided tour shall we?

España Park: Built by the spanish government in 1992 in recognition of the great acceptance and warm welcome the spanish immigrants received in Argentina over the years. It spans over a mile long and it hosts an array of attractions for almost everyone. The main Museum buildng also houses a High Shool and many other multipurpose establishments suitable for all sorts of cultural events. España Park was built with the additional idea in mind that it would connect the central part of town through a set of new roadways, with the nodes nearing downtown right by The National Flag's Memorial. These new roads were completed in time and have been a real relief to the crowded road days of the 80's through a typical chessboard-like city layout as Rosario. Due to this, many streets had their heading reversed in order to accomodate the acesses to the new roadways that were built.

National Flag Memorial Landmark: Started in 1951 and finished in 1954 it is an incredible masterpiece by the Architech Angel Gido who engineered it and saw it a reality way before it's time. As a personal experience I remember seeing photographs of my grandfather who was well known in those days by his works along the lines of the finer arts such as paintings, fine ball-pen drawings and many publications, along with Mr. Gido in the same house whereI was much later born, going over many of the blueprints of what was later to be known as this impressive landmark. With it's top tower rising high to over 185 feet and a total land span of almost 3/4 of a mile it is undoubtedly the most attractive and most unique feature in Rosario's past and present.

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