Drag Racing
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Your will be informed about the dangers of drag racing.

There are many thing that kill peole acroos the country. If its not a disease or natural causes then its having accidents. The main "accidents" are car accidents. You are probably wondering why I put accidents in quotes. I put them in quotes because alot of teen choose to the risk give up there life. Teens like the adredaline rush and they like to go fast. Thats why many teens have so many automobile accidents. Teens question them selves why car insurance is to high, and they weap when the bill comes. The reason why car insurance is so high is because many teens are not responsible about many things they do and when they do something wrong it always comes back to them. Thats when they think its easy to not care about there problems and they end up requesting help from there parents, for money espacialy, to pay of bills or to even pay off there car repair.
Teens also tend to modify there cars which means to remove stock parts and put custimized parts to your car for better/faster performance.I have surveyed 25 people and 64% of the people that I surveyed siad that drag racing is dangerous. Some people said that "it is fun but you realy have to know what your doing",and Some said "it is dangerous only if your at the wrong place at the wrong time."
The real term for "Drag Racing" is "A form of auto racing taking place on public roads or during empty hours of traffic. Usualy all street races are hunted down by police since mandatory traffic rules such as maximum speed limit and limits on recklessness are most likly not to be obeyed. This form of race usualy takes place on night hours and straight roads with very little traffic." 
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Why do teenagers wanna go fast? They wanna experience a real movie.
Why do teens risk there lives? They think that life is easy and if something would happen they would just pass it by.